Dainty Details: Layering Gold Necklaces

This post is sponsored by Responsival.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

These days I’m all about dainty gold jewelry. I’ve always loved to layer my jewelry and add to some of my statement pieces as well.  AU-Rate has some of the most beautiful, sparkly pieces I’ve seen to date.  All the goods, like dainty gold necklaces, rings, and earrings.  I recently purchased this emerald birthstone necklace and have been wearing it every day since.  It’s so beautiful, and most of the time I don’t even realize it’s on.  I can wear it with my other statement necklaces easily because it’s a great layering piece.  

With my 40th birthday coming up (**cough**)  I love this piece as a remembrance of the month when my twin sis and I were born.  I’d love to add a couple more with maybe the kid’s birthstones and my hubby’s.   This would also make a great gift for a May birthday gal or a graduate this season too!

The necklace was packaged beautifully with a travel pouch if you are going somewhere and want to take it with you.

Mother’s Day gift idea alert!!!  With Mother’s Day right around the corner these gold birthstone rings are beautiful to layer with your wedding band.

I love wearing jewelry.  It just makes me put together.  As a Mom that works full-time outside the home…y’all know it’s sometimes hard to look “put together”.  That’s the thing about jewelry, even the simplest of pieces shine and can make you feel like a million bucks Mamas!  Now that I have a little girl in my life I’m hoping I can pass on some of these beautiful jewels to my daughter someday.  I want her to enjoy them just as much as I do!  Speaking of having a daughter…where’s my wedding dress from 20 years ago???  I know she’d totally want to wear that again! Ha ha!  Oh how time flies!

Doesn’t everyone have a dream ring?  As you get older your style changes and I’m obsessed with art deco rings and old world cut stones.  I’ve been to several jewelry shows here in Dallas with my friend Ellen, so I’ve seen a lot of different styles.  It would be so cool to design fine jewelry- I love old world stones because something about them is other worldly.  They look like they’ve been through a lot and still shine incredibly brilliant.

These adorable heart hoops from one of my favorite designers Kendra Scott are also a classic piece.  Has anyone seen her as a judge on Shark Tank this season?  My Mom was telling me about her being on the show and I’ve yet to see her!  Love her story.

No matter who you are buying for…or even if you are gifting yourself because #YOLO.  These dainty gold and classic pieces are always a great choice.  What kind of jewelry are you all into these days?  I know styles and trends certainly change over the years.  If you would have asked me 15 years ago I would have said I’m a silver girl all the way, but lately I’m loving the comeback of yellow gold.

Don’t forget to accessorize ladies! Muah!

xo Becky