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Hi Everyone,
In case you missed my review of the great new Baby Orajel Naturals teething product, you can still read it here (though the giveaway has ended). I also wanted to let you know that if you are one of the lucky women attending the BlogHer conference in NYC on August 3-4, 2012, you can visit the Baby Orajel folks at Booth 1100 to learn more about taking care of your little one’s teeth and gums! They may even have some product samples to share with you so be sure to stop by.

My Mom and Nannie came to see us this past weekend from AR as you know.  My Nannie gave me a lil spending money so I finally splurged and got the Naked 2 palette at Sephora.  I’ve been salivating over this eye palette forever, but could never get up the nerve to spend the money on it. 

Here it is and I LOVE IT!

The sweet girl at Sephora did my eyes for me that day and they looked great!  I have been trying to re-create the look she did for me ever since then….but I haven’t been able to apply the eyeshadow exactly like she did.  Terence took this picture of me with my eyes all done 🙂

I know it’s a lot of money to spend on eye makeup.  You get 12 shades, and that rounds out to about $4.15 for each shadow…so it’s not too bad!

The palette has every color you would ever need and I must say I’m having a lot of fun doing my eye makeup in the morning.  If you’ve been resisting the urge to splurge on the Naked2 Palette, just start saving up because I think it’s a great investment and hopefully I won’t need eye makeup for a long while now!



12 thoughts on “Naked Eyes

  1. Your eyes look great! Though, you always do look fabulous. 🙂 Wish I were going to Blogher; I’ve always wanted to go. The hubs would probably flip out if I went to a blogging convention. Ha!

  2. I LOVE Naked 2. I bought it some time in February and have barely used anything else since. The best part? The shadows barely look like I’ve touched them. Great purchase!

  3. I just bought naked2 2 weeks ago and I’m In LOVE! Your eyes look amazing. You Know there are lots of tutorials on you tube for the palette. I also love the lip gloss! Jaxon thinks it is hilarious that I own something with the word NAKED on it…. 7 year old boys!

  4. I never comment but love your blog! My Avery Claire and your C are a few weeks apart in age, so I love to see what he’s up to. I am so jealous of your UD palette. I so want one, but like you, can’t make myself splurge. It’s definitely on my list of wants! Love your facebook page, too!

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