Things I’ve Made Using Pinterest-Christmas Edition

I made the banner on Pinterest I wrote about yesterday.  It turned out really cute, all it took was some card stock, scissors, and ribbon!

I put up my tree this past weekend.  I was off of work, board, and had nothing to do….so I decided to take full advantage of free time.  Plus Kindra and I are hosting a Christmas wreath making party on Saturday so I wanted it to feel like Christmas while we got our craftiness on!

The bottom is a little scarce because Connor already broke a few ornaments. 
 I had to shift them all up this year 🙂

Helping Momma decorate

Oh so innocent….

The stockings are hung

Nick knacks are out and about

I framed some seasonal pictures and printed off the subway art tree from Pinterest & framed it!

Now I just have to keep this little booger out of the tree….



9 thoughts on “Things I’ve Made Using Pinterest-Christmas Edition

  1. I think we are going to put our tree up on Friday.. The older boys leave it alone even though they are 4 & 2. But I have a feeling Aiden who is a month older than Conner will be all up in it..

    The banner turned out great!! You did a good job..

    Have fun at the wreath party, can’t wait to see pictures of the finished products. 🙂

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