My 30th Birthday

I had a great 30th birthday at home in Arkansas with friends and family.  The only thing missing was my twinkie…oh how I missed her so much!  Mom and Dad always make me feel so special and loved.  My Nannie, Aunt Karli, and cousin Lindsey came over to celebrate too.  I have the best family!!!  Thank you so much for making my birthday extra special 🙂

Me & my boys
Yummy chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting…sooo good!
All the gals
We all went shopping and got pedicures.  I don’t think I’ve had a pedicure since the day I found out I was pregnant with Connor…I needed it bad and it felt so good!
Blowing out the big 3-0!!!
We had lunch at Cracker Barrel.  Connor tore up some mac n cheese!
Skyping with Bonnie and Jarrett
I felt so guilty eating that chocolate cake without my sidder there 🙁
Aunt Karli doing her signature pose 😉
Getting some sugars from Nannie
Daddy wearing his favorite shirt
“Daddy – Bonnie & Becky”
We had lots of fun and Nana & Poppy spoiled Connor rotten!
We played in the “Elmo” pool and with Lego’s.  Connor overdosed on alfredo sauce at the Olive Garden.  Terence and I got to see TWO movies in the theater this weekend!  AND-take a few naps!!!
I love my Nana
Thank you Mom, Dad, Nannie, Aunt Karli, and Lindsey for making my 30th such a special day!
I love you all dearly and you mean the world to me!!!
Love, Becky
I love you sidder…..

 We may not always be together in person, but you are always in my heart 🙂



12 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday

  1. So glad you had a great (safe) trip! Happy Birthday! I’m right behind ya, my 30th is in August! Eek!

    Jamie @ The Yellow Brick Road

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