Cookie Season

(Bonnie on left, Becky on right)

Bonnie and I sold many a Girl Scout cookie in our day. We were Daisies, Brownies, and then Girl Scouts through the years. So needless to say I always have a weak spot when I see the Girl Scouts out selling their cookies. It’s definately not good for my diet!
Mom would send us around the neighborhood together. I think it shocked people when they opened the front door and saw us BOTH standing there! Of course they couldn’t just buy one box because they felt bad, so they’d end up buying one from each of us! Those were good times…hope you all enjoy “Cookie Season!”

And my favorite are the Thin Mints. They are sooooo good when you stick them in the freezer!



5 thoughts on “Cookie Season

  1. I was a brownie and Girl scout (they didn’t have brownies when I was younger) When a friend of mine brought her daughter’s order form to preschool the other day I was so excited! I used to love selling them, not sure I’ll feel the same way when Emily joins 🙂

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