The Summer of Quarantine 2020

“This has been the longest summer ever!!!”  Said every parent in the world.  That’s because our summer unintentionally started after spring break in March this year.  Dear God I sure do hope school resumes in the fall because this season of life has been all kinds of chaos.  I miss walking around the mall and let’s face it…buying mostly snacks and food.  I miss seeing my friends and family without feeling like I am going to infect them with something.  I miss normal schedules and daily routines.  Movie theaters, restaurants, birthday parties, sports, and so much more!

That’s the thing about change, no matter what you just keep on going.  So that’s what we’ve been doing and I know I haven’t been great at blogging…but here’s a little recap on our lives lately in this strange and crazy time.  I’m still working and trying to home-school (sort of) and maintain everything else that goes on in our lives.

Heidi turned 10 months old and is crawling and pulling up on everything.  She does the cutest little noises and rolls her tongue.  I’ve never seen a baby do that and it’s hilarious!

The ice cream truck visits our neighborhood once a week and it’s the highlight of Connor’s day.  The second that music is heard through his window he comes shooting out the door. “Mom the ice cream truck is here!”  My best friend Ellen and I had an idea to start a coffee truck.  We’d roll it around town and make lattes and have every suburban mother chasing after us in pajamas without a bra on.  People…especially hot mess Moms are that desperate.  So I know this is a genius idea.  Ed Sheeran on the loud speaker and coffee will have them runnnnnning!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Terence turned 39.  I know he’ll thoroughly enjoy the last year of his 30’s and if he’s not fully gray headed by the end of this year I’ll call it a win!  Hey at least he still has a good head of hair right?  I think working from home and having a baby in the house along with a tweenager who thinks he knows more than you do adds to the chaos.  But I love our life and our craziness too. Happy Birthday Ter-Bear!

Speaking of working at home.  Here is Heidi helping Dad work 🙂

Thankfully we’ve had the pool to jump into for an escape.  Heidi loves watching her brother play in the pool.  Everything he does is hilarious to her.

We made a trip home to Arkansas a couple weekends ago and had a wonderful time seeing Nana and Poppy.  We even made a trip to the farm to see Nannie Sue and it was so fun!  We stayed with my sister and her family and all the kids had a great time seeing each other.  Connor and Jarrett love each other and fight a bunch over games and the girls are BFFs and don’t know it yet.  Ella is so cute with Heidi and rubs her head and said “baby”!

Our sweet Nannie Sue

Me and Bon Bon The best food EVER! The boys eating their Nannie’s goodness And this is how we feel about our LAST ortho appointment for Heidi’s ankle.  Everything looks really good and is healing perfect!  Summer 2020 here we come like it or not!  

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