Hi I’m Becky Branch and welcome to my blog!

Here is a little bit about me and my family:


I am a 30-ish year old wife, mom, photography lover, & coffee junkie. I’m from Arkansas, but currently live in DFW, Texas. I am an identical twin.  I’m addicted to reading on my Kindle- there can never be enough books. I work part time as a Finance Manager for the best dental office in DFW and I am also a photographer.  I love all things 80’s and glitter!  This blog is my scrapbook & my way to keep in touch with family & friends.


This is my hubby aka “Ter-Bear”. Terence & I have been married over 15 years. He loves all things HD, video games, & the occasional game of golf when we let him leave the house. Terence served 5 years in the Air Force. He then completed his undergraduate degree in Arkansas & an MBA at TCU in Fort Worth. He’s the love of my life and I’m blessed to have him!


Connor James is our busy 6-year-old. He is the apple of our eye, the pea to our pod, the love of our lives. We waited many years for this boy & it’s such a joy watching him learn & grow every day.  He loves Star Wars, soccer, and TCU football, movies, and anything with cheese.


I'm a wife, mom, Christian, chocoholic, & coffee addict. Originally from AR, I married a Texan & we now reside in DFW. I'm obsessed with taking photos & caffeinated at all times!


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  1. Mendy says:

    Hey Becky! I would like to advertise for a product that has saved my life that I now sell and promote (Plexus). I keep getting an error message. How do I go about advertising the front and back of my business card? Do I purchase 2 $15 ads? Can you e-mail me? Thanks!
    Mendy Blevins

  2. Dave Canavan says:

    Hi Becky,

    I’m a dad with an ingenious new invention called The Baby Focus, solving an everyday problem for all new parents: getting your baby to look at your phone for that perfect photograph! Great for social media posts – or your website! 🙂

    The Baby Focus is a detachable rattle device which fits on all mobile phones to work with the camera to ensure your baby/toddler looks right down the lens for that perfect photo. I promise, it’s so simple you won’t believe it hasn’t been invented before now!

    I’m running a Kickstarter campaign so people can pre-order now, and if you ran a story on this, I know it would be really useful for me, but more importantly, it would be interesting (and certainly useful!) for other new parents I’m sure.


    Thanks and I hope to hear from you!


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