Valentine Gift For Your Honey

Last week I had the BEST massage ever. Laura, my masseuse worked her magic little fingers and gave the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had.  I work at a computer all day long and my neck, back, and shoulders are always tight and hurting.

I felt so good after our appointment I just wanted to go cuddle up in bed…..actually I almost fell asleep.  Laura made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  From the minute I walked inside I was greeted with smiling faces and excellent customer service.

The magic table:

 The low lighting and relaxing music are very relaxing:

Massage Envy had a great atmosphere.  I really want to do their monthly massage program.  It’s a great deal and my whole week went better all because of a massage….it really does improve your health and mood.  This Mama was in heaven!  This would make the perfect Valentine’s gift for your honey guys….don’t show up empty handed now!
Massage Envy is having a great DFW promotion until Valentines day:
 Go enter HERE


Thank you Massage Envy for your hospitality and the fabulous massage!


It was amazing!

Hump Day Randoms…

This is our 5th year to work the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.  It’s always a lot of fun and we get to hang out with our good friends.  The bank I work for has a mascot named “Mo” the buffalo.  He shows up at the Stock Show on Saturdays.  If you are there come by and see us between 10:45-1:00!  Connor likes seeing all the animals.  This year he was really looking forward to seeing the pigs. 
I ordered this belt awhile back on Groopdealz and I’m hoping they bring it back because it’s so cute and inexpensive.  It also comes in a lot of different colors.

 Checking out the cows
 Dylan & Connor playing in the trailer 🙂
 MO…the friendliest buffalo you’ll ever know…

Bree is Mo’s Mama.  She’s also Mama to baby Millie & Dylan.  She rides him and she’s just an all around awesome gal!

 The boys liked to jump off the trailer
 Me and Bree
(Bad hair day!)

Connor is getting used to our morning routine.  He’s not cried once this week when I’ve dropped him off at pre-school.  He showed me his cubby.  He is very proud of his cubby 🙂

 Here is the helper chart
 Eating breakfast in the little cafeteria room

 I love his pre-school because it has an OWL theme!!!  Ha ha!  You know how I feel about that!

 Connor checking out the tractors at the Stock Show

And last but not least…..Hubba Bubba Dr. Pepper gum.  If you are craving a Pepper I’m positive this is less calories and you’ll get your Dr. Pepper fix 😉

I’m going to go through and read all the Biggest Loser Links hopefully sometime today.  I’ve been slammed at work this week.  I usually try to read them during my lunch hour.  For some reason if you have an embedded comment form under your post it won’t let me comment on your blog???  It’s blocked.  If you have a pop up comment form I CAN.  Weird I know.  You can change that in settings or you can also connect your email to your Blogger account which is VERY nice 🙂


Biggest Loser Week 4

Thank you so much if you are still with me today! 


I’ve been slammed today and it’s just been one of those times where I can’t seem to get anything done.  Not to mention I didn’t do so hot last week as far as weight loss.  I mean I didn’t do bad….but I did gain a pound *shutter*.  I don’t want to back peddle here???  With February approaching and the candy isles filling up with chocolates I’ve got to have some willpower.  I have.  I’m not saying I’m sitting there gnawing on a candy bar all day.  I just need to be cautious of my eating. 
Some of you have asked how I liked the Paleo diet.  We did that awhile back with great results.  I don’t eat meat.  I will on “occasion” have a chicken breast…but for the most part I am not a meat eater.  The Paleo was a bit hard for me because it is very much protein based.  I get most of my protein from other sources: black beans, cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts, dairy…etc.
I think life is going to slow down for a minute.  I am not even thinking about Connor’s 3rd birthday, and by now I usually have some things in order.  I don’t even know if we will have a party.  We aren’t doing a major vacation this year.  This is our year to pay down debt and by Nov/Dec we will hopefully be DEBT FREE!  How freeing is that!  (I’m trying to be excited about this ya’ll!)  Har har har…..
Well, and I don’t want to be the fat mom with back rolls taking her kid to the water park.  You know it’s about that time because Connor is at the age he likes to do stuff like that.  Dreadful water parks!
The only other thing more freeing than being debt free will be freedom from this extra tire around my waist.  I’ve not been motivated at all this week.  Work overload+stress. 
How are you all doing???
 Week 4:  + 1 pound