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Summer Travel Prep + Enter to WIN! #SummerTravel #SickJustGotReal

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Connor and I just got back from a fun road trip to Arkansas!  We celebrated my Grandma’s 80th birthday.  We had the best time and got to see a lot of relatives we haven’t seen in ages.  I make the drive to Arkansas about 3-4 times a year and the only way I get through it is a book on tape (or whatever they are on now) and an iPad for Connor.

I remember the days of traveling when he was a baby.  One time Terence and I were headed home and Connor started getting sick all over the car.  We pulled into a gas station and Terence was just throwing paper towels at me saying “Get it I can’t look at it!”  Ha ha!  Oh yes…we’ve all been there a time or two.  I get crazy allergies when I go home too and I’m not sure why.  The last couple of times I’ve had to visit an emergency clinic.   All of this to say… PREPARE YOURSELVES PEOPLE!

I take our medicines and vitamins with us when we travel and it’s been a lifesaver at times.  I carry Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin® and Children’s Dimetapp® for Connor.  I just pop them in a waterproof bag or you could use a plastic bag, and put them in my purse.

Now I don’t have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off looking for a pharmacy when sickness strikes us!  If there’s one thing I know from traveling is you cannot be too prepared.


  • Ease those aches and pains, while reducing a child’s fever fast with Children’s Advil®*, a great solution for kids as young as 2 and up to 11. Children’s Advil® comes in several great-tasting flavors, including: Sugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors. There’s also Infants’ Advil® White Grape, which provides unsurpassed fever relief (among OTC pain relievers) with a syringe for easy dosing for children 6-23 months.
  • For your child’s cough, trust Children’s Robitussin® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief to control and relieve symptoms all-day or all- night. Available in grape or orange flavor, for children ages 4 and up. Please note, certain Children’s Robitussin® products are only suitable for children ages 6 and up.
  • Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free eases your child’s stuffy and runny nose, while quieting a bothersome cough. All in a great-tasting grape flavor that’s dye-free, for children ages 6 and up.


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Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar’s Spring/Summer Sneak Peek #ldtable

A few weeks ago my family and I had dinner at the AMAZING Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar.  I’ve talked about this restaurant before and we LOVE it so much.  Everything I’ve ever had at Lazy Dog has been above and beyond delicious.

I wanted to share with you all some of our favorites and they also have a yummy spring/summer menu that you’ll have to go check out too.  Also, don’t forget to bring your fur babies- they are welcome on the patio!  You can also have your picture taken to go inside on the Lazy Dog Hall of Fame Wall!

We started out with the Queso Dip- Jack, cheddar, queso blanco, pickled jalapenos, pimentos, cilantro black beans, hand-cut tortilla chips.  This is not your ordinary cheese dip, it’s so much better and made with real cheese.

We also ordered these corn wheels- they have a sauce made with lime, garlic, queso blanco, tajín, & cilantro.  These are also a MUST try item on my list if you visit!

I had the watermelon margarita and it was super refreshing.  Terence tried the peach moonshine.  They also have a great happy hour menu Mon-Friday 3pm-6pm.  There is also a brunch menu for Sundays and a special menu for your “lazy dog”.

This is the second time I’ve had the Grizzly Fries and I’m sure it won’t be the last. They are Potato wedges with housemade secret sauce, crispy bacon, fried sweety drop peppers, smoked paprika.



















Terence had a steak and he said it was one of the best he’s had.  He looks like a happy camper right?  Our server was the sweetest too, they have the friendliest staff.

I ordered the Strawberry field salad with heirloom tomatoes.

I also got a bowl of the corn chowder and it’s probably my favorite soup I’ve ever had.  The flavor is sooooooooo good!

Terence and I got desserts to go because we could barely walk to the car afterwards.  Literally…we were stuffed!  I tried the banana pudding and Terence ordered their famous butter cake.

We had the nicest family dinner we’ve had in a long time and I’m so excited that Lazy Dog is close to where we live so we can enjoy it often!

Go check out the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar’s new spring/summer menu…I promise you won’t be disappointed!  Lazy Dog is designed like a lodge with cozy fireplaces, ledge stone and a chandelier crafted from Aspen logs. The dog-friendly patio offers a dog menu, featuring grilled meats and brown rice.  Everything from the food to the atmosphere leaves me wanting to come back ASAP!  Thank you Lazy Dog in Euless, TX for hosting us and we will for sure be back during the “Dog Days of Summer” 🙂

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Let’s Rewind Now Shall WE???….Christmas 2016

You know how they say time get’s away from you?  Well, it truly does.  I have yet to recap Christmas and I would normally be way past that point.  All I have to say for myself is this has been a busy season in life.  You know…you think once those kiddos get in school you’ll get a “break”, nope, not really.  It’s actually a lot more to do!

Anyway, I’m glad to hop back on the blog bandwagon and let’s play catch up shall we?  I won’t go into anything political on my blog because y’all I just can’t handle it anymore and the one thing I DO KNOW is God’s got this!

Queue lots of pictures ahead and a bunch of fun recaps over the last month that I’ve been lagging on.  We are loving our new home and being in it for Christmas was wonderful!  Terence likes newer homes, but I have to say I am really enjoying all the “quirks” this house has to offer, we love our neighborhood, and we are right where we want to be.

Christmas Family Photo 2016

The Branch Family 2016- Yes those are all our nieces and nephews and they are the sweetest and cutest evah!

Connor and I headed to Arkansas for Christmas break just the two of us.  Terence stayed behind due to work and we missed him, but we were back in time to celebrate Christmas day together.  We had fun visiting with my family in Arkansas and my twin sister Bonnie.  Jarrett and Connor always have the best time.  We drove a Mazda CX-9 to Arkansas and the trip in that car was AMAZING!  That’s my next car y’all…I have already decided this.

Here we are jammed in the car with all our Christmas aftermath.  I found some great deals on furniture at Restoration Hardware, and thanks to the extra room in the Mazda CX-9 I was able to bring a beautiful bench and some bar stools home 🙂

Isn’t she pretty?  We literally went home to Razorback nation in a Razorback red SUV and we loved it!

Plenty of storage in the back for all the presents.  This car was such a dream for our trip home for the holidays.

Connor is always complaining about the sun being in his eyes.  There were built-in sun visors in the back seat and they were literally a lifesaver for him and myself because there was less whining! LOL!

One thing I know I can’t live without in my next car is a backup camera.  I don’t have one in my car now…but I feel so much safer having that feature in a car.  Also, the heads up display is one of my favorite features.  It shows the speed limit on your windshield.  

Thank you Mazda for a wonderful RED Merry Christmas in this beautiful CX-9 it truly was a dream to drive and a great family car!

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on the farm.  It wouldn’t be Christmas in my heart unless I was here to celebrate with all the people I love.  Isn’t it so pretty?

My Mom and Nannie outdid themselves and now I’m currently trying to work off all the food I ate over the holidays.  I miiiiigggghhhtttt have had one too many eggnog lattes as well…oops!

Nannie’s tree

The stockings were all hung with care…

The boys are reunited at last.  These two are Minecraft crazy right now.  I don’t really understand Minecraft, but they sure are into it! 

Bonnie and I had the great pleasure of meeting Tracy, she’s one of the very first friends I made blogging and we’ve been friends ever since.  It’s so funny because she was in Texas and now she’s back in Arkansas and lives close to my sister.  This lady is a JOY JOY JOY down in my heart and it was so wonderful to finally get to visit with her.

Me and Bon getting our Starbucks fix 🙂

Connor and Nannie Sue enjoying lunch

Downtown Conway at the Christmas tree

The boys playing….what else….MINECRAFT!!!

The boys just love their POPPY.  I wonder if they are related to Santa???

Nannie got us all matching shirts that said “I really really like love ______”  And filled them in with something we all loved.  Mine was blogging.

The boys opening their stockings on Christmas day

Road tripping with my best buddy.  He’s a great kiddo to take a trip with 🙂

Prancer and Dancer…ahem…I mean Becky & Bonnie

Our Christmas Mantle

Our Christmas tree…can you spot all the coffee ornaments???


We also had a great family Christmas with Terence’s family.  We celebrated the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake and told the story of how Jesus came into the world.  We had a yummy dinner and a delicious ham courtesy of Petit Jean Meats.  MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PLACE TO GET HOLIDAY MEAT!!!  It’s sooooo good!

Petit Jean Meats also has some great Dallas Cowboys Party Packs if you are planning on watching the Super Bowl!


XO- Becky

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ICE! at The Gaylord 2016 + 50% Off Coupon!

This was our 4th year to attend ICE! at The Gaylord Texan and we always enjoy it.  It’s become a family tradition and it’s a nice way to start the holidays.  Yes, it’s freezing cold…but totally worth it.  The time and talent that goes into the ICE! exhibit each year is extraordinary.  It’s definitely something you have to see to believe.

I don’t think Connor was excited at all right?dsc_8378

Before you tour the ICE! exhibit you watch a video of how everything is created by the artists.  And then…it starts SNOWING 🙂


Connor sure has grown into the blue coat over the years…this was his very first time to go to ICE!

Here he is at 6 years old.

dsc_8371 dsc_8369

We walked through this really cool illusion of characters telling stories.dsc_8368 dsc_8372

You can also get your photo taken before you tour the ICE! exhibit.dsc_8373

This year’s theme was “Here Comes Santa Claus”  Follow along and read the stories together as you walk through each room.dsc_8379 dsc_8380 dsc_8381 dsc_8382 dsc_8383 dsc_8385 dsc_8386

ADULTS:  Take a look at this bar made completely out of ice.  Frozen or on the rocks maybe?dsc_8391 dsc_8393 dsc_8396 dsc_8397

dsc_8412 dsc_8410 dsc_8409 dsc_8408

Of course one of our very favorite things to do is the ice slide.  dsc_8401 dsc_8398

I love that at the end of the exhibit every year they recreate the nativity scene.  This is what Christmas is truly about.

dsc_8416 dsc_8417

I hope you get a chance to visit the ICE! exhibit at The Gaylord Texan….it truly is a sight to behold.  Until next year…”Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


That Week I Drove a Swagger Wagon…and LOVED it!

Connor had his first week of FIRST GRADE last week people!  Hold me…

To say we’ve been busy would be the understatement of the century.  We are closing on our new home today!!!  After a year and a half search we FINALLY found our home and I’m so excited to share with y’all.  It’s going to take a lot of paint and love to make it ours, but I’m looking forward to that whole process.

Well, y’all we have definitely been riding in style lately.  I got to test out the brand spanking new sparkly and shiny 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.  This van definitely puts the “swag” in “swagger wagon“.

I grew up in a GMC Safari the size of the Titanic.  You know the vans that looked like a tank.  I wish I had a better picture of Big Blue…but this is her peeking out of the corner there 🙂

My Mom loved it because of the captain seats in the middle so my sister and I couldn’t touch each other or breath in each other’s direction…hence less fighting.  She is also 6 feet tall, so she had extra leg room in the tank.  Anyway….good times were had and I have to say I never saw myself owning anything related to a mini-van because they just seem so large and in charge.  scn0062

Until a couple weeks ago when I drove the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.  Ahem…sleek, modern, and definitely not a tank.DSC_4502

I want to show you some of my favorite features.

Okay, so when I first got in the van I was like “How do I reverse?”

It’s on a KNOB people!  No more stick shifts or gears…a beautiful little round knob that would make your iPhone jealous.


The security features, gadgets, and gizmos had me playing for a while.  I absolutely love the media and radio apps.  DSC_4490

Heated seats and a heated steering wheel to give you warm fuzzies in cold weather. We Texans thank you Chrysler for a VENTED (air-conditioned) seat option because Lord knows it’s 110 degrees outside 7 months out of the year.  DSC_4491

There is plenty of room in here for 7 people.  Let’s just take a look at the captain seats in the middle shall we?  If you and your sibling can’t stand to be within 5 inches of each other there is your answer!DSC_4494

Ample sized cup holders for my Starbucks addiction & plenty of storage compartments. 🙂DSC_4496

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of gal that likes to know exactly how many miles I have left in my tank until I get to a gas station.  Because sometimes I’m cutting it a little bit close.  Also, see the lane change warning, and speedometer.  Basically, the people at Chrysler care about you and want you to be SAFE!DSC_4497

Okay, now this is what my son freaked out over and cried about when we had to give this van back.  TWO TVs.  The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica comes with the Uconnect® Theater and as a Mom this is appreciated by both parties.  I get to listen to my music and Connor gets to watch Star Wars to his heart’s content.  It’s a win/win!  Bring on the road trips!

Also, loved the hands-free power sliding doors.  Because I only have two hands people!

DSC_4498 DSC_4499

Thank you so much Chrysler for our week in the Swagger Wagon dreams are made of, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica.  I would definitely be driving this van loud and proud.  Let’s just say I’m quite happy the days of driving a tank are over.

I think we need more kids to fill this…


Here is a Facebook Live video Connor and I did together.  I wasn’t planning on posting it, but it does show a lot of great features.  We literally JUST got this van and drove to Starbucks…so we were still exploring!  Ha ha!

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I hope you enjoy it or at least have fun laughing at us and my frazzled state…