Making Memories at The Gaylord Texan ICE!

Christmas festivities are in full swing and every year for the past five years we’ve made it a family tradition to visit ICE! at the Gaylord Texan.  It’s one of our favorite things to as a family.  Every year they have a new theme and this year it was “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.  It’s so neat to see all the ice sculpted into these beautiful figures and colors.  It’s been a rather warm fall here in Texas…so walking into a 9 degree atmosphere is quite shocking!

The atrium at the Gaylord is gorgeous in itself, even if you don’t do anything else there.  Just walking around will put you in the Christmas spirit!

There is so much to see…I’ll give you a little sneak peek of what we saw this year!

The Ice Bar

Connor looooooves the ice slide!  

There is snow tubing too.  Where else can you do these things in Texas?

I live for these family moments and as everyone knows time is fleeting.  Your kids grow up before you know it and in the blink of an eye everything changes.  Experiences like this don’t always happen…it takes planning, money, and time.  I’m thankful for companies Vanguard who help families invest in their future.  Investing doesn’t have to be a sacrifice now so you can live later, you can have it both ways – the security of planning ahead and the gratification of living a fuller life today. Make those special moments count, because you can’t get them back.

With Vanguard clients experience things that truly matter – whether that’s date night, spending time with your kids, or enjoying your passions.  Clients think long-term, tune out the noise, and keep investment costs low, but that’s not all. They laugh and make time for date nights with their partners. They spend time with their kids, and they believe they can achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Thanks to market research firm Kelton Global, we know for a fact (with statistical significance) that Vanguard clients experience these things more often than clients of other investment firms.

Did you know Vanguard clients spend 6 more hours per week, on average, with their kids compared with clients of other investment firms?


Learn more about Vanguard here & check out this fun video of our day at ICE!


The Where Investors Belong survey was conducted by market research firm Kelton Global in 2016. It polled 1,000 Vanguard clients and compared them with 1,000 clients of other investment firms. All differences between Vanguard clients and clients of other investment firms are statistically significant at the 95% confidence level. The parental stat refers to clients with children of any age who provided the number of hours per week they typically spend with their children or who, compared to other people they may know, believe to be more involved in their child’s life. . The experiences of these Vanguard clients may not be representative of the experience of other Vanguard clients and aren’t a guarantee of future investment performance or success.

Enchant- Christmas in Arlington, TX

Last weekend my family and I attended Enchant in Arlington, TX.  I’m officially in the Christmas spirit now & you can be too!

What is Enchant you ask?

“Enchant is a world of Christmas wonder.  Surrounded by millions of dazzling lights, the memories you make at Enchant will last well beyond the holiday season. Whether you’re navigating through the world’s largest light maze, gliding around the ice-skating pond, waltzing through the Christmas marketplace, or sharing hot cocoa with your loved ones, you’ll find enchantment around every corner.”

It may still be 80 degrees in Texas, but we can still get in the holiday spirit.  I’ve shared with all of you how much I have loved attending the Christkindl Market in years past.  Now the market is included along with this beautiful light display.

The ice skating rink

Christkindl Market

There are also lots of food trucks at Enchant & plenty to choose from!

Where else are you going to ice skate in DFW???

See the entire scene from the center bridge.

VIP Lounge

Entrance to search for all of Santa’s reindeer.

We found all of the reindeer! YAY!  Each person gets a scratch off card and when you find a reindeer you scratch it off with a special coin.

Sooooo pretty and you can take some great pictures there too!  Check out my Instagram for some more fun pics and videos.

If you are planning on attending, book your tickets soon because they sell out fast!

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Discovering What You Really Want in a Car

This post is sponsored.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Most of you know I get to test drive a LOT of cars and it’s so much fun!  If you want to see all the cars I’ve reviewed in the past just go to the “Search” tab on this blog and search “Car Review”.

This past week we were very thankful to drive a Mazda CX-5!  Let me tell you this car was smooth as BUTTAH on the freeway and off.  If you live in DFW then you know that most of us drive everywhere.  So, the question is…do you really need all those bells and whistles?  Let’s chat about what you do and don’t want… and what you really need.  For more information on ALL kinds of cars check out  You can search any car, for any price range, and you can even narrow your search by area too!  I highly recommend the Mazda CX-5 if you are looking for a stylish mid-sized SUV.

First of all crank of your radio to the nearest Christmas station and let’s talk!

1. Plenty of trunk room

This is a MUST for me y’all.  I’m always hauling around photography gear or sports equipment, etc.  Having plenty of trunk space is a no brainer for me.  I do have good trunk space in my sedan now, but when I purchase a future car I really want to go for a mid-sized SUV.  Also, having fold down seats is another thing I love.  I don’t have that in my current car and I REALLY wish I did!

2.  A Backup Camera

I think I heard this feature was going to become mandatory in all future cars and I totally agree with that.

Case and point:  A couple of weeks ago I’m about to leave for the movie theater to meet with friends to see Bad Moms and I side swiped my husband’s car.  OOPS.  In my defense he doesn’t normally park in the driveway and was airing out a tent from a cub-scout camp out…but yeah I should have paid more attention.  It also would have been nice to have a backup camera and I’m sure this whole fiasco could have been avoided.   The cameras also light up at night and beep if you get too close to something.  Definitely a MUST in my next car. 

3.  Room for the kiddos

In our family have just one child.  We go on lots of road trips and he needs space to spread out and bring all his toys and gadgets.  If you have more than one child then all I have to say is “bless your heart”.

Growing up my Mom drove one of those huge vans that had two captain seats in the middle.  Heaven forbid my sister or I touch each other, let alone breathe in the other person’s direction.  The arguments we had about personal space in the car are epic.  LOL!

I love having a separate cup holder down the center that gives a little bit of a divider between people. 

4.  A great “Command Center”

These days everything is at your fingertips….even in your car.  Everything can be handled from the steering wheel or the middle console.  From the volume, or navigation system (which I do NOT have now, and let me say having in dash navigation would have saved me a lot of driving anxiety), to heated or cooled seats.  Everything is pretty much at an arm’s length.  The Mazda CX-5 definitely had a fabulous command center for this Mama!

5. Good looking AND functional

The Mazda CX-5 is so purrrrrrrdy.  I know looks are not everything people, but nobody wants to be rolling around town like Uncle Buck dropping their kids off at school.


Yes, she’s a pretty car and has all the bells and whistles.  We sure did have a fun time driving the Mazda CX-5 and it’s definitely in the running for a future SUV.   Smooth and sleek with just enough edge to make this Mom feel too legit to quit.  I really enjoyed the XM radio too, especially for the devoted Christmas stations….let’s just say there were a few carpool karaoke sessions 😉

So, these are a few of my must have and favorites in a car.  What are your favorite additions to your vehicle or features you can’t live without?  I would love to know!

Don’t forget to check out to figure out exactly what YOU want.  You can even sell the car you currently have on their website too!