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Fall 2017

Hey Everyone!  I am always playing catch up, but I’m usually pretty good about posting all my random daily events on Instagram and Instagram stories…SO CHECK IT OUT!

Let’s recap shall we?

Even though it’s like 90-something degrees out I am going to wear a sweater and crank my air conditioner up all the way because the Starbucks holiday beverages are out….and nothing is going to stop me from listening to my Pentatonix or Michael Buble Christmas music holding a hot eggnog latte dang it!

I don’t know what is wrong with Connor’s face…I think he’s over this picture?

I got the cutest pajamas for Christmas this year from Lazy One!  I just love the little bottoms on these…ha ha!  My friend Michelle has a coupon code for 10% off if you want to use it: “MML

I’m also going to be decorating for the holidays soon and I can’t wait to share that with you all!  Terence is trying to hold me back for as long as he can from putting up the Christmas decor.

I ordered the cutest quilt from Steinmart and it’s so soft too!  It was only $29.99, so it was a bargain and I’ve been enjoying watching ALL the Hallmark Christmas movies wrapped up in this quilt.

Bad Moms Christmas was just as funny and fabulous as I thought it would be!  My friend Courtney and I had a great time seeing a sneak peek of the movie before it hit theaters.  We got cute little “Bad Moms” glasses too!  Y’all have to go see this movie….it’s hilarious!

We had our favorite cousins from England come stay with us for a week and it was FABULOUS!  Oh those babies and their little British accents….I die.  We had so much fun and can’t wait to go back over the pond to visit them again soon!

Connor and his cousin Ethan are the same age and got along like best friends <3

Speaking of Christmas….I’m full swing into fall/Christmas photo sessions again.  I can’t believe this year has already passed.  I say that every year, but this year it truly has.  It has been a crazy year too…so much going on in the world.  Good, and a lot of bad things happened this year in our country, but I know God is in control of every situation.  Without knowing that and having hope I don’t know how you can survive in this world.

And what a wonderful life it is….I have a beautiful new niece, Ella Cate, and I can’t wait to hold her and smell her fresh baby goodness.  My twin sister Bonnie gave birth to Ella a couple of weeks ago.  If you’ve been following this blog awhile, then you know Bonnie used to blog as well.  It’s been so hard living away and not being able to go home….but I will get there eventually!  In the mean time I’m so thankful for modern technology, facetime, and photos.

I’ve got a great coupon code for you if you live in DFW or are traveling here for the holiday season!  Every year the Gaylord Texan has a beautiful ICE! exhibit and you can get 50% off your tickets using this coupon code below:

Well, that’s all for now…but much more to come!!!

xo, Becky

Life Update

Here we are already turning the corner into fall 2017.

Connor James just started 2nd grade and so far he is loving it.  I also can’t believe we have been in this house for almost a year!  After so much time looking for a home we love it here.  We have great friends, family, and community nearby.  I’m so thankful God taught us patience through that process and to know that HIS timing is always perfect timing.

Coincidentally the first day of school was also the day of the solar eclipse.  I found out Sprinkles cupcakes was doing a “black velvet” cupcake with dark chocolate ganache frosting and oh my—- best thing ever!  I LOVE dark chocolate!

We’ve done yet some more remodeling to our house.  We had the office, the extra bedroom, and Connor’s room re-plastered, textured, and painted.

So far we’ve only finished Connors room and I hope to get curtains up in the office and a new bed for the guest room soon!  We are having shutters installed tomorrow and I’m super excited to see how those turn out.

We went with Sherwin Williams Gossamer Veil in Connor’s room and painted the woodwork white.


A few weeks ago I went BACK to Arkansas for my twin sister’s shower.  You might remember our first shower HERE when we were both pregnant with the boys together.  This time around it’s just her and she’s having a baby girl!  I’m so excited and we can’t wait to welcome Ella Cate into our lives.  Bon’s friend Stephanie and her Mom did a fabulous job with the shower, everything was so beautiful!

I received the coolest CiPU Baby Diaper Bag for my sister and I was so excited to gift it to her for baby Ella!  It’s literally the lightest bag you’ve ever carried and there’s so much storage room.

  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Our diaper bags are one of the lightest on the market, weighing from just 1.1 lbs.: 13 compartments & 8 Bag accessories including changing pad, pouch, mini-purse, stroller clips. Now that’s another load off your shoulder.
  • SMART STORAGE: With 13 wide compartments, 9 interior pockets, 4 exterior pockets, include two insulated bottle pockets to keep essentials handy. It’s also equipped with bottom compartment, perfect place to put baby’s dirty clothes and diapers.
  • BEST DESIGN FOR STYLISH MOMS EVER: CiPU diaper bag Tote collection is as fashionable as it is functional. Stylish, beautiful, perfect size, wonderful design and details.
  • WATER REPELLENT MATERIAL & PERSONAL BELONGINGS POUCH: Both Inner and out Layer are water repellent, keeping your bag dry, fresh and stylish, yet easy to cleaning. Plus, CiPU diaper bags have all your items and belongings in one bag, and more convenient than having a separate handbag.
  • REMOVABLE CHANGING PAD: Portable changing pad makes it easy to keep baby dry and happy. Made from an easy-to-clean material, you can simply wipe it down to make sure it’s always ready for baby.

Nana & her boys

I got all crafty and made this flowery “E” for Ella Cate…I think it turned out pretty good!

I’m so ready for fall and I couldn’t resist decorating the mantle 🙂  Bring on all the pumpkin spice baby!!!

Well, that’s about it for now!  I’ve been enjoying some great reads on my Kindle lately and we just got back from a fabulous trip to San Antonio and Sea World – I will write about soon!  Don’t forget to follow us on the DAILY ON INSTAGRAM!!

Seven in 2017…

I feel like I haven’t written from the heart in a while.  I have loved blogging and writing my little daily (or weekly) ramblings.  I honestly can’t believe my little part of the Internet has survived 11 years. Never in a million years did I think anyone but me would read this website.  I’ve made countless friendships, been given a ton of opportunities I would have never had outside of blogging, and it forces me to move outside of my comfort zone.

I love to read and often times you’ll find me with my head stuck in my Kindle enjoying a good romance novel.   I also enjoy drama and mystery books.  A book is a magical escape and I love watching a good story unfold.  I’m trying to teach Connor the joy of reading and how it can open up your imagination, but so far first grade has been a pretty rough year.   I get it…he’s a boy and they are downright figgity and can’t sit still.  We are working on containing our voices and body from touching others! LOL!

Speaking of reading: LOVE THIS SERIES!  If you are looking for something great to add to your Kindle check out Pepper Winter’s series Crown of Lies.  Sooooooo good!  She’s absolutely one of my favorite Authors and she can whisk you away in her books… her writing is above and beyond- an emotional journey.  Start with “Crown of Lies” & finish with the sequel “Throne of Truth”.  

My Mom and Dad came to visit this past weekend and we celebrated Connor’s 7th birthday.

I haven’t done a party, but I did tell him we could have a sleepover or something soon.  I’m sure he won’t let me forget!  I get homesick a lot, but on the other hand I don’t think I would be who I am now unless I had “flown the nest” if you will and spread my wings.  Growing up a twin it’s especially hard to break out into your own person, it’s also the best thing ever having a constant friend.

We’ve finally started really settling in our new home and had a brand new dining table delivered yesterday.  I’m so excited about it!  Almost 16 years of marriage and we finally have a legit dining table!  Holla!  I love our house….it’s not brand spanking new and there seems to be something that always needs fixing, but it’s very “homey” and I love that about it.

Here is the new table and chairs:  (For more information check out my Instagram)

Anyway….what are your plans for spring break next week?  I’m not sure what Connor and I will be doing…but right now I am just trying to soak in every sweet second.

Catcha Later 😉 xo- Becky

School Valentine’s 2017

I wanted to share the cute Valentine’s I got this year for Connor’s class from Tiny Prints.  I made these online in less than 10 minutes and they were under $20 bucks!  SCORE!

Right now everything at Tiny Prints is 40% off! They always have the best deals.  One of my favorite items are these Tiny Prints Custom Photo Notepads.

I got the supplies for the key-chains on Amazon and they were super easy to do as well.


Let’s Rewind Now Shall WE???….Christmas 2016

You know how they say time get’s away from you?  Well, it truly does.  I have yet to recap Christmas and I would normally be way past that point.  All I have to say for myself is this has been a busy season in life.  You know…you think once those kiddos get in school you’ll get a “break”, nope, not really.  It’s actually a lot more to do!

Anyway, I’m glad to hop back on the blog bandwagon and let’s play catch up shall we?  I won’t go into anything political on my blog because y’all I just can’t handle it anymore and the one thing I DO KNOW is God’s got this!

Queue lots of pictures ahead and a bunch of fun recaps over the last month that I’ve been lagging on.  We are loving our new home and being in it for Christmas was wonderful!  Terence likes newer homes, but I have to say I am really enjoying all the “quirks” this house has to offer, we love our neighborhood, and we are right where we want to be.

Christmas Family Photo 2016

The Branch Family 2016- Yes those are all our nieces and nephews and they are the sweetest and cutest evah!

Connor and I headed to Arkansas for Christmas break just the two of us.  Terence stayed behind due to work and we missed him, but we were back in time to celebrate Christmas day together.  We had fun visiting with my family in Arkansas and my twin sister Bonnie.  Jarrett and Connor always have the best time.  We drove a Mazda CX-9 to Arkansas and the trip in that car was AMAZING!  That’s my next car y’all…I have already decided this.

Here we are jammed in the car with all our Christmas aftermath.  I found some great deals on furniture at Restoration Hardware, and thanks to the extra room in the Mazda CX-9 I was able to bring a beautiful bench and some bar stools home 🙂

Isn’t she pretty?  We literally went home to Razorback nation in a Razorback red SUV and we loved it!

Plenty of storage in the back for all the presents.  This car was such a dream for our trip home for the holidays.

Connor is always complaining about the sun being in his eyes.  There were built-in sun visors in the back seat and they were literally a lifesaver for him and myself because there was less whining! LOL!

One thing I know I can’t live without in my next car is a backup camera.  I don’t have one in my car now…but I feel so much safer having that feature in a car.  Also, the heads up display is one of my favorite features.  It shows the speed limit on your windshield.  

Thank you Mazda for a wonderful RED Merry Christmas in this beautiful CX-9 it truly was a dream to drive and a great family car!

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on the farm.  It wouldn’t be Christmas in my heart unless I was here to celebrate with all the people I love.  Isn’t it so pretty?

My Mom and Nannie outdid themselves and now I’m currently trying to work off all the food I ate over the holidays.  I miiiiigggghhhtttt have had one too many eggnog lattes as well…oops!

Nannie’s tree

The stockings were all hung with care…

The boys are reunited at last.  These two are Minecraft crazy right now.  I don’t really understand Minecraft, but they sure are into it! 

Bonnie and I had the great pleasure of meeting Tracy, she’s one of the very first friends I made blogging and we’ve been friends ever since.  It’s so funny because she was in Texas and now she’s back in Arkansas and lives close to my sister.  This lady is a JOY JOY JOY down in my heart and it was so wonderful to finally get to visit with her.

Me and Bon getting our Starbucks fix 🙂

Connor and Nannie Sue enjoying lunch

Downtown Conway at the Christmas tree

The boys playing….what else….MINECRAFT!!!

The boys just love their POPPY.  I wonder if they are related to Santa???

Nannie got us all matching shirts that said “I really really like love ______”  And filled them in with something we all loved.  Mine was blogging.

The boys opening their stockings on Christmas day

Road tripping with my best buddy.  He’s a great kiddo to take a trip with 🙂

Prancer and Dancer…ahem…I mean Becky & Bonnie

Our Christmas Mantle

Our Christmas tree…can you spot all the coffee ornaments???


We also had a great family Christmas with Terence’s family.  We celebrated the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake and told the story of how Jesus came into the world.  We had a yummy dinner and a delicious ham courtesy of Petit Jean Meats.  MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PLACE TO GET HOLIDAY MEAT!!!  It’s sooooo good!

Petit Jean Meats also has some great Dallas Cowboys Party Packs if you are planning on watching the Super Bowl!


XO- Becky