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Mind Dump With Becky

If you know me, then you know that I am probably one of the most random people ever.  I want to get back to the basics and why I started blogging and that was to journal my life.  Even if I post the most basic blah blah blah stuff….I still feel like that resonates better than a crap load of sponsored posts.

ANYWAY!  So I am going to try to do a “Mind Dump” post at least once a week so I can talk about my real life.

  • The bluebonnets here in Texas are insane right now.  They are more purple looking to me…but gorgeous.  I want to run through this field like Maria from “The Sound of Music” and twirl around 🙂

  • There are 3 types of videos that draw me into a straight up trance while watching.  Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook:
  1.  Icing cookies/baking videos
  2. Making slime videos
  3. Calligraphy or handlettering

I cannot look away y’all…I could sit for hours watching these things!

  • Target shoppers anywhere?

The struggle is real.  I don’t really do this anymore, but isn’t it so easy to drop things into your cart and when you get to the checkout you about croak at the total?  I leave the store thinking “What did I buy?”  As my husband likes to tell me “Becky you are death by $10.00!”  And he’s so right because I don’t really buy anything expensive, but I do buy a lot of crap! LOL!

  • Coffee Anyone?

I posted about this coffee on my Instagram and got a lot of questions.  It’s by a company called Dripjoy.  Not only are the pods ridiculously cute, it tastes delicious too!  I’m constantly ordering K-cups from random places and Dripjoy makes it easier because it’s great coffee, delivered monthly and priced right!  You get to choose what flavor coffee you want, how much, and when you want it delivered to your doorstep= WINNING!

Peace y’all and happy FRI-YAY!!!  Don’t forget to check out my Snapchat: @thejavamama & Instagram for weeklies 🙂



Seven in 2017…

I feel like I haven’t written from the heart in a while.  I have loved blogging and writing my little daily (or weekly) ramblings.  I honestly can’t believe my little part of the Internet has survived 11 years. Never in a million years did I think anyone but me would read this website.  I’ve made countless friendships, been given a ton of opportunities I would have never had outside of blogging, and it forces me to move outside of my comfort zone.

I love to read and often times you’ll find me with my head stuck in my Kindle enjoying a good romance novel.   I also enjoy drama and mystery books.  A book is a magical escape and I love watching a good story unfold.  I’m trying to teach Connor the joy of reading and how it can open up your imagination, but so far first grade has been a pretty rough year.   I get it…he’s a boy and they are downright figgity and can’t sit still.  We are working on containing our voices and body from touching others! LOL!

Speaking of reading: LOVE THIS SERIES!  If you are looking for something great to add to your Kindle check out Pepper Winter’s series Crown of Lies.  Sooooooo good!  She’s absolutely one of my favorite Authors and she can whisk you away in her books… her writing is above and beyond- an emotional journey.  Start with “Crown of Lies” & finish with the sequel “Throne of Truth”.  

Products from

My Mom and Dad came to visit this past weekend and we celebrated Connor’s 7th birthday.

I haven’t done a party, but I did tell him we could have a sleepover or something soon.  I’m sure he won’t let me forget!  I get homesick a lot, but on the other hand I don’t think I would be who I am now unless I had “flown the nest” if you will and spread my wings.  Growing up a twin it’s especially hard to break out into your own person, it’s also the best thing ever having a constant friend.

We’ve finally started really settling in our new home and had a brand new dining table delivered yesterday.  I’m so excited about it!  Almost 16 years of marriage and we finally have a legit dining table!  Holla!  I love our house….it’s not brand spanking new and there seems to be something that always needs fixing, but it’s very “homey” and I love that about it.

Here is the new table and chairs:  (For more information check out my Instagram)

Anyway….what are your plans for spring break next week?  I’m not sure what Connor and I will be doing…but right now I am just trying to soak in every sweet second.

Catcha Later 😉 xo- Becky

Let’s Rewind Now Shall WE???….Christmas 2016

You know how they say time get’s away from you?  Well, it truly does.  I have yet to recap Christmas and I would normally be way past that point.  All I have to say for myself is this has been a busy season in life.  You know…you think once those kiddos get in school you’ll get a “break”, nope, not really.  It’s actually a lot more to do!

Anyway, I’m glad to hop back on the blog bandwagon and let’s play catch up shall we?  I won’t go into anything political on my blog because y’all I just can’t handle it anymore and the one thing I DO KNOW is God’s got this!

Queue lots of pictures ahead and a bunch of fun recaps over the last month that I’ve been lagging on.  We are loving our new home and being in it for Christmas was wonderful!  Terence likes newer homes, but I have to say I am really enjoying all the “quirks” this house has to offer, we love our neighborhood, and we are right where we want to be.

Christmas Family Photo 2016

The Branch Family 2016- Yes those are all our nieces and nephews and they are the sweetest and cutest evah!

Connor and I headed to Arkansas for Christmas break just the two of us.  Terence stayed behind due to work and we missed him, but we were back in time to celebrate Christmas day together.  We had fun visiting with my family in Arkansas and my twin sister Bonnie.  Jarrett and Connor always have the best time.  We drove a Mazda CX-9 to Arkansas and the trip in that car was AMAZING!  That’s my next car y’all…I have already decided this.

Here we are jammed in the car with all our Christmas aftermath.  I found some great deals on furniture at Restoration Hardware, and thanks to the extra room in the Mazda CX-9 I was able to bring a beautiful bench and some bar stools home 🙂

Isn’t she pretty?  We literally went home to Razorback nation in a Razorback red SUV and we loved it!

Plenty of storage in the back for all the presents.  This car was such a dream for our trip home for the holidays.

Connor is always complaining about the sun being in his eyes.  There were built-in sun visors in the back seat and they were literally a lifesaver for him and myself because there was less whining! LOL!

One thing I know I can’t live without in my next car is a backup camera.  I don’t have one in my car now…but I feel so much safer having that feature in a car.  Also, the heads up display is one of my favorite features.  It shows the speed limit on your windshield.  

Thank you Mazda for a wonderful RED Merry Christmas in this beautiful CX-9 it truly was a dream to drive and a great family car!

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on the farm.  It wouldn’t be Christmas in my heart unless I was here to celebrate with all the people I love.  Isn’t it so pretty?

My Mom and Nannie outdid themselves and now I’m currently trying to work off all the food I ate over the holidays.  I miiiiigggghhhtttt have had one too many eggnog lattes as well…oops!

Nannie’s tree

The stockings were all hung with care…

The boys are reunited at last.  These two are Minecraft crazy right now.  I don’t really understand Minecraft, but they sure are into it! 

Bonnie and I had the great pleasure of meeting Tracy, she’s one of the very first friends I made blogging and we’ve been friends ever since.  It’s so funny because she was in Texas and now she’s back in Arkansas and lives close to my sister.  This lady is a JOY JOY JOY down in my heart and it was so wonderful to finally get to visit with her.

Me and Bon getting our Starbucks fix 🙂

Connor and Nannie Sue enjoying lunch

Downtown Conway at the Christmas tree

The boys playing….what else….MINECRAFT!!!

The boys just love their POPPY.  I wonder if they are related to Santa???

Nannie got us all matching shirts that said “I really really like love ______”  And filled them in with something we all loved.  Mine was blogging.

The boys opening their stockings on Christmas day

Road tripping with my best buddy.  He’s a great kiddo to take a trip with 🙂

Prancer and Dancer…ahem…I mean Becky & Bonnie

Our Christmas Mantle

Our Christmas tree…can you spot all the coffee ornaments???


We also had a great family Christmas with Terence’s family.  We celebrated the birth of Jesus with a birthday cake and told the story of how Jesus came into the world.  We had a yummy dinner and a delicious ham courtesy of Petit Jean Meats.  MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PLACE TO GET HOLIDAY MEAT!!!  It’s sooooo good!

Petit Jean Meats also has some great Dallas Cowboys Party Packs if you are planning on watching the Super Bowl!


XO- Becky

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10 Years of Blogging: Then vs. Now


My blog is a little over 10 years old this year.  That blows my mind!  When I first started my blog I remember people asking “What is a BLOG?”  I remember my first post, it was basically nothing.  I started blogging about my favorite books, or shows I watched, things I did randomly during the day.  It was real and authentic and exactly why I started to blog because it was more of a journal than anything else.

I got comments (yes actual COMMENTS) on posts that I wrote.  Over the years comments have trickled off and people would rather communicate via Instagram,Twitter, or Facebook.  Some of my very favorite bloggers have quit and I understand life changes and we go through seasons.  I miss the interaction I first had as a blogger – that authentic communication.  I met some of my best friends through blogging.

I know at times I’m goofy.  I’m not the best writer by any means.  Does anyone remember the Starbucks wall of shame that used to be on my site?  Ha!  I know not everything I write about is Earth shattering…but it’s real.

I’ve tried to stick with it.  I know a lot of my post have become “sponsored” or I get items for free to review.  Let’s face it…it’s hard to turn down free stuff right?  Especially when some of the things are really cool things you couldn’t afford on your own.  There is some judgement behind that…but I still try to remain true to myself, while I’m not going to lie the income really helps my family.  Especially when you are going through a house remodel that seems to be bleeding you dry right now!  Eeeek!

There is a fine balance between having all sponsored content and remaining true to your audience.  I’m not sure I’ve found my perfect middle yet, but I’m working on it.  I miss the kinship I found with other bloggers.  I’m not saying I’m going to stop doing sponsored content because I really do enjoy it, I just want to find the right middle ground.

Ten years ago it wasn’t about “look what opportunity I got!” or “I made this much $$$ on this post” or “I got to go to a special event because obviously…I’m special!”  Uhm…no.

Nobody wants to hear that stuff and it doesn’t create authentic and real relationships.  We should support each other, comment on actual content – not just a photo, don’t rub things in other bloggers faces.  Support-Connect-SHARE-Love one another!!!

Be PROUD that you have what you have and OWN IT.  Don’t sit there wishing you were someone else because you are YOU and that’s what matters.

As you all probably noticed on my Instagram account I did get a great opportunity as a brand rep at Megaphone Conference.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

BUT- every.single.time I tried to authentically get to know a blogger they went into stats, opportunities, analytics, they won’t share sources because heaven forbid they have any competition or SHARE something.  It came off as a bunch of content hungry and opportunity driven women that will only write a post if the price is right.  It’s a pure and utter mind suck.  When someone thinks your only value is as good as how many followers you have.  I’m here to tell you ladies and gentlemen you CAN write content that is well written and wonderful without a price tag attached.


We are bloggers and we are extremely blessed to get to do what we do.  At the same time we must realize that it’s not all about the MONEY.  Most of my favorite posts are learning about someone’s family or an event that happened in their lives.

Let’s try to not step on everyone’s toes now shall we?  Support one another like the good old days.  I know I’m being very blunt in this post, but it’s something that has been on my heart for a while.

I miss all my blogger friends from years ago and secretly hope they will come back into the blogosphere.  I know it’s not the same…but hopefully we can try to uplift and support & not be so greedy at times.  If a new blogger asks you for help, please for the love of coffee…don’t sit there like you just ate a sour lemon.  Share with them, open up and connect.  Don’t feed them lines and give them ZERO actual sources or information because you are trying to hoard the legit information for yourself.   That’s crazy selfish of you!  Let’s put the heart and soul back into blogging.  It’s not all about follows and likes…everyone knows those can be bought at a price.

In the end all you really have are the memories and not the money.





Lately (An Update) + A Trip to Branson to see MOSES!

So much has happened lately and my blog here has taken a back burner…yet again.




It’s only took about a year and a half and over 25 home offers, but I think we finally found a winner!  I can’t wait to share more with you and show some of the plans we have for our new home.  We still have appraisal to get through, and are praying that everything works out.  Connor will still be able to attend the same school as last year and stay with all the friends he made 🙂

Terence and I celebrated our 15 year anniversary with a movie and dinner.  I cannot believe it’s been 15 years!  I feel like time is just flying away from us.  I love you babe forever and always.


I drove to Arkansas a couple of weeks ago to visit my family.  My Mom, Nannie, sister, and the boys all went to Branson.  My Nannie has been wanting to see Moses for a while now and let me just say the show was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Here’s me and Bon road tripping with the boys 🙂


I couldn’t bring my big camera into the show.  It was so, so good y’all.  There were real live animals in the show and the boys just loved that.  They are so interested in learning about the Bible, so they had lots of questions afterwards.  I welcome that!  The production followed the life of Moses from the time he was a baby until he was old.



My beautiful family


Me and Connor watching the wonderful story of Moses unfold….ajfdlkfj

I grew up visiting Branson, Missouri every year.  I have probably seen about every show on the strip and this was the BEST show I’ve seen by far!  If you’re in Branson and want to go see a show, I highly recommend Moses.  Your heart will thank you.  My boss is going to see the show too and he’s never been to Branson.

And best of all the boys got to experience a special time with their Grandma and Great Grandma.  Thank you Sight & Sound Theaters!!!  We had the best time and made wonderful memories.nancon


I’ve been super busy with my photography and I’m already booking CHRISTMAS sessions!  It’s crazy & I am beyond thankful to you all for supporting me & coming back year after year.  It’s a blessing to my heart to be able to capture all your memories.

Some favorite recent shots:

DSC_1647 DSC_3019 DSC_3201 DSC_3291 DSC_3423 DSC_3437 DSC_3513 DSC_3870 DSC_4189 DSC_2829 DSC_2928 DSC_2968