Christmas, Camrys, & the Ultimate Catch Up…Oh My!

Shame…shame…you know your name.  That would be MEEEEEE!!!

I have seriously been slacking on the bloggity blog so let’s catch up again shall we?  I have so much to recap and write about before 2019!  Ha!

Starting with Christmas 2017.  We had a lovely visit back home to Arkansas and to the farm.  We stayed with my twin sister Bonnie and her family.  I finally got to meet my new niece Ella, who seriously is the sweetest, most calm baby in the entire world.  She’s absolutely precious!  My sister and I always have a good time catching up and of course the boys (Connor & Jarrett) are pretty much inseparable.  They are exactly like their Mamas, they love hard…but they fight hard too. Lol!

My poor Mom at the flu.  We finally got to see her on the last day we were in town.  Thanks goodness for technology, we were able to face time during Christmas so she could see the kids open presents.  Still, it wasn’t the same at the farm without her there.  The flu has just run rampant this season and so far we’ve been lucky not to catch it.  Everyone I know that has had it has said it’s THE WORST EVER!

So, if you’ve been following my on Instagram you may have seen some of these pictures, but I like how I can go into more detail here on the blog.

We were super excited to drive a brand NEW 2018 Camry to Arkansas for the holiday and it was sooooooo nice!  It was a hybrid model, so we got great gas mileage and it was so smooth up and down the hill country of Arkansas.


The 2018 Camry was super sporty looking and we really enjoyed the drive.

I’m just a little excited to drive this baby!  I had an Avalon for 11 years and I loved that car so much…I still miss it to this very day.  Terence works for Toyota Headquarters and he sent me pictures of the new Avalon design and OH.MY.WORD.  It looks on the sporty side too and just as luxurious as I remember.

I absolutely love the “command center” which included a backup camera, audio, USB ports, and heated seats for the win!

It was a little different driving a hybrid, but overall I really like the gas mileage aspect of it.  Also, you couldn’t even tell the engine was running when the car was turned on.  Talk about STEALTH mode 🙂

I also really liked the clean and metallic looking details of the interior.

It was a comfortable ride indeed.  We were all three able to “plug in” with our phones, iPad, and my Kindle.  

The middle console displays the battery and engine charge.


Once we got into Arkansas we headed to my sister’s house and Larry’s Pizza buffet…we officially made it HOME! LOL!

Me and my sweet Ella girl 🙂

The boys were reunited and had a great time at Dave & Busters! They love gaming together and talking about the most RANDOM things…

Bonnie and I had a great time drinking Starbies, watching Hallmark movies, and shopping a bit.

Then we headed up to Nannie’s house on the farm and had so much good food to eat and opened presents.  The boys each got a Nintendo Switch, something they both have been wanting for quite some time!  The farm is beautiful during Christmas, and for some reason we all just take the best naps up there.  It’s like you don’t have a care in the world when you step into Nannie’s house…I guess that’s part of what makes it so special, well, besides Nannie herself that is!

On the road again! We just loved the blue Camry so much! It was the best Christmas sleigh ever!

After Nannie’s house we all headed back to Bonnie & Vinny’s and my Mom was feeling well enough we got to see her and my Daddy for breakfast the morning we left. I love me some Cracker Barrel…

OH! And I got together with my besties from highschool for the best meal EVER at Ya Ya’s! If you saw my Instastories then you saw how they made this dish- in a huge hollowed out bowl of parmesan cheese. They light it on fire so the cheese melts and then add the pasta and some herbs. BEST. EVER. I’m still dreaming about this pasta!

We made it back home to Texas and now I’m homesick to go back again! We had the best Christmas…until next year…it’s been real 2017!


Let’s Talk Babies & A Life Update

Hey Y’all!  It’s me…Becky…you know the gal who has been so busy I haven’t had time to write on here for a good while.  Remember me?

So, our house with “character” is in shambles again as we go through another small remodel project.  If you know me, then you know this is driving me nuts because I’m OCD about things being in their place….and a queen sized mattress has no place in our living room!  We are tackling projects one at a time as we can.  I have to say as much as I didn’t want a pool, we are LOVING the pool.   The backyard will have to wait, as we are currently finishing projects that are still inside the house.  I shared our before/after remodel project last fall when we bought the house…but there is still a lot left to do.  We are currently tackling the extra bedroom and Connor’s room, which we decided to switch around so Connor can have the extra space.  I can’t wait to share with you the new spaces soon!  The walls are getting re-texured and painted, with new baseboards and the built in is getting painted too.

I must say choosing the right color of gray has been a process.   If you have been following me on Instagram you’ll see the gray saga!  I know I’ve been on Instagram a lot more lately, but I promise I won’t abandon my blog…after 11 years as a blogger I go through highs and lows, but I’ll never abandon my little nook on the Internet.

We must have had close to 15-20 paint samples before we found the ones we liked.  We chose these paint colors, and you know the actual color is always so much different than the swatch.

Our next project will probably be our room and the master bathroom.  Whoever built this house back in the day decided it was perfectly fine to have ONE OUTLET in the entire master bath!!!  Hello Sonicare toothbrushes, electric razor, hair straightener, blow dryer, & curling iron???  That is going to be a massive project though and you know gosh darn it…money doesn’t grown on trees!

We love our neighborhood and couldn’t be more happy.  Not to mention the ice cream truck that comes every Thursday.  So, I know we’ll have things come up that need repairing, but all in all I feel like we won the lottery even getting a house in this area with the market the way it is.  Connor is in a great school and I can’t believe we’ll have a second grader next year!!!  The time sure does fly by…something I’m constantly saying.

Look at that squishy little baby!

If you haven’t heard through the grapevine….I’m going to be and Auntie!  My twin sister, Bonnie, who used to blog with me, is having a baby girl in October!  We are super excited about it and I am having the most fun buying baby girl stuff for Ella.  I can’t wait to meet my new niece, because basically she’s half mine right?  I mean we’re twins and everything!

The first time around we were both pregnant at the same time and our boys are 2 months apart.  They just LOVE each other and Face-time just about every day.  I’ve always been adamant about just having one child.  Then I get thoughts in my head like “I’m getting so old…clock is ticking Becky!” or “Will I regret only have ONE someday?”  

See, the thing is, Connor is old enough now that he will basically ask why he doesn’t have a sibling and when is he going to get one?  But I’m 36 and let’s face it I’m no spring chicken.  I go back and forth on this subject so much it just about gives me whiplash.  When I look back on my life what am I going to say is my great achievement….well of course it’s Connor.  He’s my baby, my son that God entrusted me with to raise and mold in the world.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for this kiddo and I don’t want to look back someday and wonder if a piece of our family is missing or could have been?

I think it’s because everyone around me is popping out babies, but also because I’m feeling the peak age of bearing children creeping up on me.  Once that door is shut…it’s shut. Terence and I both like our “me” time.  We love being able to go places and do things at the drop of a hat.  Also, there is never enough money before you have kids and there’s never a right time either…but some how it always works out.  The thought of going back to having a baby makes me crave a venti cup faster than you can say “VENTI”!  The sleepless nights, breastfeeding, not to mention I don’t have anything baby-ish anymore.  I didn’t keep anything…I handed it all down or gave it away.

So, do you have thoughts on this?  If you are older now do you regret not having more kids?  If you have just one are you glad you did?  I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments.

xo- Becky

Promises…Promises… Life Update

Yeah, remember how I said I was going to start posting a whole lot of awesomeness…cough cough….

Here we are!!!

So, I just turned 36.  That means I passed the 30 marker and am headed straight towards the 40’s freeway.  I’m feeling it too.  When people tell you things will start to fail you when you get older and you laugh it off at 25 years old….you just wait!  Terence also just turned 36, he’s two weeks older than me.  Ha ha!

One of those being “Why is weight sticking to me like literal butter?”

I used to eat LESS than I do now and it wouldn’t even phase me.  What’s happening???

Anyway, I decided to join the dark side again…hair color that is.

So far I’m really loving it.  It seems to grow faster and be all around healthier when I go back to my “roots”.  Although I love being blonde as well.

We’ve been swimming a whole lot and Connor started summer camp.  I love our confetti YAY ball!  Anything that sparkles or has confetti is alright in my book.

Connor and I are heading to Arkansas tomorrow bright and early.  This has been a super busy season in life and I keep telling myself to knock things off my list….and I’m going to.  The question is when?  In the meantime I’ll still keep on trucking along and drinking all the coffee- because it makes life so much more in focus right?

My Nannie is turning 80 and we are so excited to celebrate this milestone birthday with her.  I wish Ter-Bear could come, but alas he took a new job and doesn’t get vacay until December.

Any good books on Kindle I can listen to on my trip???

Speaking of trips a couple of months ago we got to drive this 2017 Mazda CX-3.  You remember I told you then whenever we have the joy of driving a new car for the week we always name it?  This one we named “SMURF“.

All the bells and whistles and display screen with backup camera, bluetooth, and navigation. 

This would be the PERFECT car if you are a commuter (gets great gas mileage) or have someone in your family about to start college.  

Plenty of trunk space too!  This Mazda CX-3 was super fun to drive and we can’t wait to review and show off more cars in the future.  Connor gets so excited when we get to try new cars and so do I.  I definitely get a better understanding of what to look for in a car for the future, and I get to show y’all what each vehicle is all about.  

Hope you all are having a great start to the summer!

Remember to keep up with us on the daily over at INSTAGRAM!

xo- Becky