My Lil LoveBug!

This post is sponsored by LoveBug Probiotics.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Keeping your little ones and YOURSELF well during this season is sometimes hard to do…or even think about.  I have been taking a probiotic for years now and it’s the easiest part of my morning routine.  Probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria and can help promote weight loss, digestive health, immune function.  If you haven’t been adding a probiotic to your daily diet, then maybe it’s time to start!  What have you got to lose besides feeling your best right?

Here’s my little love bug…gosh I would do anything for this kiddo!

I take LoveBug Probiotics and here’s why:

  • LoveBug® Probiotics is a premium line of award-winning probiotics for the whole family
  • With a patented delivery technology, LoveBug® Probiotics are 15x more effective in delivering the microorganisms to the digestive tract than other leading probiotics
  • LoveBug® Probiotics were developed by a mom for moms
  • Rooted in science, LoveBug Probiotics were developed in partnership with internationally recognized doctors and scientists
  • LoveBug® created the first staged probiotic for babies specifically designed to support their developing microbiomes

I’ve been adding The Skinny probiotic to my breakfast every day. It has a proprietary blend of eight probiotic strains, Here’s the Skinny repopulates your microbiome to streamline digestive function, quell sensitive stomachs, improve energy levels and elevate mood.

I also give Connor the Little Ones probiotic and it’s super easy for him to take.  This kid has a gag reflex like something terrible…and he has NO problems swallowing these!  Amen!  Little Ones probiotic is formulated to populate kids’ guts with beneficial bacteria which is critical for their lifelong physical health and mental well-being.

So, I’m curious…do you take a probiotic?  What benefits have you seen while taking one?  I’ve been taking LoveBug probiotics for the last couple of weeks, I always try to really TRY products out before I recommend them to y’all and I can honestly say I’ve felt good and my gut is doing great!

For more information on LoveBug visit their website Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest

I’m so excited for Valentine’s day coming up!  It’s one of my favorite holidays 🙂  This “Be Mine” sweater from Target is a favorite find this season.  Muah!

xo – Becky with the good coffee



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