Crazy Good Coffee for $1.00…SAY “WHAAAAAT????”

This post is sponsored by RaceTrac.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Everyone knows I’m the “Coffee Queen”.  That’s pretty much how this blog got her name…because without coffee I’m only part human….am I right?  Coffee is a daily staple in my life and I know it is in so many of you as well.

I have a mean coffee habit and I love to try ALL kinds of coffee.  If someone wants to offer me a cup of coffee my answer is “Where, when, and what kind?”

So when I found out that RaceTrac is offering any size coffee for only $1.00 for the entire month of January I just couldn’t help but spill the beans to EVERYONE!!!

Okay, so let me show you how fabulous RaceTrac’s coffee bar is, you have to see it to believe it.  You get ALL of this for only $1 BUCK!

The coffee bar is so need and tidy too!  No matter what kind of coffee you like, RaceTrac has it…in pretty much every flavor.

Instant Iced Coffee

Or a “Crazy Good” Latte!  The lattes come in 10 different flavors to choose from.  I love the hazelnut myself.

Small, Medium, or Large – ANY size and it’s only $1.00!  With those savings you can buy the whole office coffee and become everyone’s new bestie 😉

RaceTrac offers six blends of fresh brewed coffee plus plenty of add-ins to make a specialty brew.

All the fixins’ to add to your coffee are at RaceTrac too!  All different kinds of sweeteners, creamers, and add-ins.

RaceTrac even has a chilled fresh cream machine.  I love this, it’s great to have options.

My favorite flavor is hazelnut.  Honestly y’all for a $1.00 a day at RaceTrac I could try every kind of coffee for the month and mix and match flavors.  I could buy 30 cups of coffee for what I would spend on a few trips at those fancy cafes.  And guess what???  I didn’t miss a thing!  My hazelnut latte was indeed crazy good and I will definitely be going back to RaceTrac.  My hubby and I have decided this is the year we are going to take a really nice vacation, of course he knows my expensive coffee habit and we just had the discussion that I needed to cut back and save where I could.  WELL….there you go!!!  I’m on the right track with RaceTrac!

Why not add a little more hazelnut?  All the coffee fixins’ are free, so I can be my own barista and mix whatever my heart desires.

Like I was saying…do you want to be the office hero?  They have biscotti, fancy syrups, and drink trays for you too!

Everything is right at your fingertips.  So if you are a coffee lover like me…well…this is basically paradise.

Happy coffee girl right here 🙂  Don’t forget to stop into RaceTrac this month at get your $1.00 cup of coffee.  Just think of the savings (which is just a bonus really because the coffee is so good I would go ANYWAY!)

So, what are you waiting for?  Go getcha some good coffee and save some MONEY HONEY!!!  This is the year to set goals, have a little extra, & live your best life….and you don’t have to sacrifice good tasting coffee to do that.

From one Coffee Diva Mother Lover to another….xo- Becky with the good coffee 😉

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