Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This…

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Oh yes…this week has been a doozy.  Connor was sent home from school with fever a couple of weeks ago & a sore throat.  Last night he woke up at 2 am and threw up all in his bed.  UGH!!!  I can basically do anything but throw up.  I mean let’s get real Moms…even if it’s your own kid it’s hard to take.

Nobody wants that business up in their house and I try to zap it before it reaches all of us. It’s also a good idea to stock up on medicines for your kiddos because the flu and strep throat are among us folks!  The minute I see the symptoms I start to fight them right away.

Also, if you have a health savings account remember to spend that money before the year ends!  You can stock up and fill your medicine cabinet for the winter.  I’m the worst about letting things expire and I definitely don’t want that when it comes to treating sickness in our household.

My medicine cabinet has these go-to meds in there at all times:

  • Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough
  • Children’s Robitussin ® DM Day/Night Pack
  • Children’s Advil® Suspension

This Children’s Robitussin® DM Day/Night Pack is formulated just for kids.  The non-drowsy daytime formula helps break up chest congestion, while the long-acting nighttime formula relieves coughs and runny noses to help kids get the rest they need.

Have you been stricken with sickness yet this season?  If so, go check out the Sick Just Got Real website & Facebook page for more information and tips to keep your home germ free.



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