If I Had a Dream Car…That is…

Hey Y’all!

So, lot’s to catch up on here!  A couple of weeks ago I went to a social media conference called Megaphone in Fayetteville, AR with two of my blogging gals Kim & Que.

We had a great time and a great ride thanks to Toyota.  We headed to Northwest Arkansas on Friday and this car is basically a dream.  It’s my dream car.  Everything you could ever need is pretty much in the Toyota Land Cruiser and I could totally live in it.

The girls and I had a great road trip, and that was in large part due to our fabulous wheels!

Kim was a great driver & Que was in her own comfort zone in the back seat.  We had plenty of plugins and gadgets…perfect for this social media bunch!

Connor and I got to drive the Land Cruiser for a few days before the road trip to Arkansas and he was in movie heaven with the two TVs.

Connor watched movies and Mama got some peace!  Can I get an amen???

Also, a pretty cool feature is this front facing camera and aerial view of the car.  This feature is super helpful especially when parking!  My co-workers always make fun of the way I park…I have zero depth perception.  If I had this it wouldn’t be a problem right???  The safety features were top of the line and nothing was left untouched.

Once we reached the conference we had a great time talking with friends and learning about different aspects of the blogging and social media world.  You never know what you are going to learn and who you are going to meet.  That’s the fun thing about conferences!  Also, the memories made are priceless.

Thank you Toyota for taking us places and keeping us safe!  We had a ride to remember!

Check out the fun little video I made of our week and the trip below:



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