Summer in the Fast Lane

Summer in the fastlane people.  That’s how I would describe the last few weeks.  It’s been “CRAY CRAY”!!!

So, I will start off with a great occasion…we celebrated my Nannie’s 80th birthday in Arkansas.  She is the light in our family and I hope someday I can be just a small piece of what she is.  It was so fun to reunite with relatives we hadn’t seen in a long while.

We had a huge buffet, cake, and some great music!  We also had a wonderful ham from Petit Jean Meats. It was sooooo delish!

If I look even HALF this good at 80 I’ll be just fine with that 🙂

My sweet family

My Mom worked so hard on the party planning and all the food.  She made timeline boards with each decade of Nannie’s life and they were great.  (See that’s why you should always take photos…you never know!)

It’s so hot in Texas right now you could fry and egg on the pavement.  We had a great 4th of July with family.  We swam in the pool and BBQ’d.  Connor is enjoying his camp this summer.  I can’t believe school is starting up again so soon!  I’ve gotten so many back to school catalogs in the mail this week Ahhhhhh!!!!

Although I am secretly excited for fall weather.  That is my “season” y’all.  I’m headed to the Megaphone conference with friends in Arkansas soon.  It’s a great conference if you are a blogger or want to learn anything about social media.  You will also meet some great friends too!

I’ve been really busy with photo shoots lately and I’m on a summer reading kick.  I’ll link to some of my favorite summer reads so far. *If you don’t enjoy drama or romance- this ain’t for you*

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  1. Wow, your mom looks just like her mom! You most definitely resemble your dad while your sis looks like y’all’s mom. What a fun family!! Happy Birthday, Nannie!

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