Summer Fun with Fruit Shoot

It’s summer and Connor’s been in full speed camp mode.  He went to a great camp a couple of weeks ago on lake Grapevine and it was so much fun.  Also, can I just say how HUNGRY this kiddo is all the time?  He is constantly wanting snacks and drinks…but I guess if I had the energy level of a 7-year-old I would too!  One of our favorite snacks are Fruit Shoot® juice drinks.

Fruit Shoot’s resealable cap allows children more independence and is user friendly. The bottle is durable & won’t puncture easily like some pouch drinks we’ve tried before.  The best part is you can put the cap back on the bottle and drink later, you don’t have to sit there and drink it all in one sitting!

No matter what he’s doing he’s alway going to want a drink afterwards & we love Fruit Shoot drinks because they are so easy to pack+go.  Fruit Shoot comes in several different flavors: Fruit Punch, Berry Burst, Strawberry & Raspberry, and Orange.

I know it gets so hot here in Texas you can fry an egg outside and it’s so important to keep hydrated.  We found Fruit Shoot at our local Albertson’s grocery store.  They are also available at Walmart.

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