Let the Good Times Roll at the DFW Auto Show with Capital One!

Do you remember buying your first car y’all?  I do…

Well, actually I had to share my first car with my twin sister because we pretty much shared everything!  We didn’t get separate cars until college. I remember what a HUGE deal it was to get a car & there’s just something about having your own set of wheels that says “I’m all grown up”.

Well, at least we thought we were.  I’ll take you down memory lane here…check out our first car the Geo Prism.   She was a good one 🙂  Thankfully we didn’t fight too much over sharing a car because we went to school together and worked at the same place.

Now almost twenty years later our lives have taken us down different paths and we’ve learned money doesn’t grow on trees!  Having a car is a privilege, not a right.  I miss living at home & I sure do miss when we could fill up that tank for $5 dollars.

That’s the thing about growing up…you learn responsibility and how to take care of yourself.  Now Bonnie and I live in separate states.  She’s back home in Arkansas and I moved to the Dallas area.  I will say the one thing you must have in the metroplex is a reliable CAR!  You may find yourself asking questions like “How do I even start the car buying process” or “How much can I afford?”  Thanks to Capital One® Auto Navigator® you can go through the process of pre-qualifying for a Capital One Auto Loan in the comfort of your own home.

With the Capital One® Auto Navigator® website you can pre-qualify for auto financing and see their financing terms before visiting a dealer.

I recently went through the process of prequalifying using the Capital One® Auto Navigator® it took less than TWO minutes to complete the entire thing!

Look and see what cars are out there from over 12,000 participating dealers across the country, including in your area.  You are sure to find something!

Customize your options:

This process has absolutely no impact to your credit score.

You can also print out a pre-approval letter when you are ready to go to the dealership!  It’s so easy and it takes hardly any time.  I had a tougher time deciding what car to look for than filling out the Capital One® Auto Navigator® process.  You can also see your personalized APR and monthly payment on each car once you pre-qualify for financing. Then build an offer and see how your financing terms change.


Capital One is a sponsor at the DFW Auto Show this year and THIS CHICK will be going for the 3rd year in a row!  I always have so much fun at the DFW Auto Show and you better believe I come home wanting a brand new car every single time!

If you get the chance to attend the DFW Auto Show do it!  You can see, touch, and even sit in the cars!  Then you’ll know exactly what car you want and you can come home to see if you qualify for it.

The DFW Auto Show is one of the largest new car and truck shows in the nation – and local car enthusiasts, families and potential buyers flock to see the latest and greatest car styles, models, trends and technology.

The Show is open to the public from March 22-26, 2017

Capital One will show attendees how they’ve developed Auto Navigator and invite all of you to join them in the Capital One® Auto Navigator® Garage located in Hall F of the Show. Car enthusiasts and potential car buyers can learn more about how they can find and finance the car of their dreams with Capital One® Auto Navigator®.

On Saturday and Sunday (March 25-26), Chip Foose, a well-known automobile designer and industry innovator, will be at the Capital One® Auto Navigator® Garage to meet with fans and talk about the latest and greatest in the auto industry – including car financing.

Throughout the Show, attendees can visit the Capital One® Auto Navigator® Garage where they’ll have a chance to see Auto Navigator website demos, engage in an interactive photo booth, and see a Chip Foose-custom designed car.

For more information about the Capital One Auto Navigator Garage, visit Capital One’s Facebook page.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



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