LazyDog Grand Opening

A few weeks ago I got to attend a grand opening lunch right here in my hometown (Grapevine, Euless, Colleyville, TX)  at Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar.  Verdict:  I will definitely be going BACK!  I loved the atmosphere and the cozy cabin style feel.  Also, I neeeeeed that huge deer on the fireplace back there.

Lazy Dog is a dog-friendly restaurant with a HUGE patio so you can bring your fur babies. We have been looking for Connor a dog for his birthday coming up and as soon as we get one I’m sure we’ll be taking it to Lazy Dog to eat this summer.  The staff and Chef were all amazing people and just because of their kindness- I want to go back to see their sweet faces!

We lunched on some yummy foods including:


Whisky Berry Bang

A variety of beer (Hop Head Sampler)


The Dirty Dog

Hatch Chili & Bacon Mac N’ Cheese (My personal favorite!)

Turkey Meatballs

Hawaiian Sticky Ribs

BBQ Bison Meatloaf

Bone-in Pork Schnitzel


Butter Cake (LOVED THIS!)

Simms Family S’more

I like a lighter brew, so I chose #3 obviously…but it was nice to sample all three and get a feel for what I like for next time 🙂

The Dirty Dog

My favorite – Hatch Chili & Bacon Mac N’ Cheese.

The sauce on these fries y’all…I could have eaten a boat load of them.  I think it was called “umami sauce” sooooo good!

This was divine (Anything with “s’mores” in it I usually can’t deny).

The BUTTAH cake!!!! OMG…  Light, fluffy, buttery goodness!

To cap it all off from our food comas a delicious iced mocha.  I know my coffee and this was super DELISH!

Thank you so much Lazy Dog Restaurants and Bar for hosting us and I’ll definitely be back to see you soon- aka when I can get a babysitter because I want to go with my hubby!    ALONE.



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