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Memory lane…time is a thief.  I love reminiscing about when Connor was a baby and I sometimes think about another baby.  I dunno…think is the key word.  I’m no spring chicken anymore!

I was working full time when Connor was a baby and only had a couple of months maternity leave.  I enjoyed every second!  I remember coming home from the hospital and trying to breastfeed and it was one of the hardest thing I’ve been through.

I decided early on to strictly pump…and I kept that up for the next 14 months.  I absolutely loved breastfeeding and pumping was a lifesaver to me, especially as a full-time working mom.  It’s so important to find the best breastfeeding pump.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without my breast pump.

This was what I carried with me every day:

By the time I went back to work I had a good amount of milk built up.  It took a couple of months for it to fully come in, but if you can just stick with it for the first month I PROMISE you’ll get over the hump!

It was worth every single second and I am so thankful I was able to give Connor the best I could. 🙂  I’m not here to knock you if you can’t breastfeed, because I know a lot of Mom’s can’t.  This is my personal experience and one that I treasure.  I also miss the calorie burn that breastfeeding gave me too! LOL!

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23 Responses to Finding the Best Breast Pump + Enter to WIN!

  1. Mindy DeLisi says:

    Breastfeeding can be a challenge sometimes, but don’t give up! You’ll get the hang of it. I would suggest on getting a boppy, it helps so much to support the baby while feeding!

  2. mami2jcn says:

    I had to stop breastfeeding my son because I had appendicitis and my milk was not safe to drink because of all the antibiotics I was on. It was so sad to pump milk and have to dump it down the drain.

  3. Sarah Hayes says:

    find a good support system and do what you feel is best.

  4. Julie Lundstrom says:

    When my son was born I had a tough time getting him to nurse.

  5. Nancy Loring says:

    I have no tips because my daughter wouldn’t take to breastfeeding but I believe that breastfeeding is the best thing a mother can feed her child.

  6. Jennifer Marie says:

    I breastfed my sons for a little over a year each. My tip is to keep at it, it is hard at first, but well worth it.

  7. Jessica Naca says:

    I breastfed my twins for a little bit but had my struggles with it. My best advice is to never give up and have patience!

  8. Kelly McGrew says:

    don’t give up; sometimes it just doesn’t happen!

    but when it does, it is important to take good care of yourself in terms of diet and hygiene because (as many say) what you eat (nutrient-wise), the baby eats!

  9. Manar says:

    Breastfeeding was a bit painful for me, but the health benefits for my child were worth it!

  10. Linda says:

    I luckily was able to nurse by kids with no issues.

  11. Elle says:

    I found breast feeding very uncomfortable and hard to get used to but the overall benefits outweighed my discomfort.

  12. Chrissy says:

    I was very fortunate because my daughter was a great breastfeeder! The big advice I give to moms I know though is that weaning can actually cause way more emotions than even being pregnant! I really struggled with anxiety and depression at way more while weaning at 18 months than right after my pregnancy and it caught me off guard!

  13. Kelly Tupick says:

    I was not able to breastfeed. I would suggest talking to your doctor about an issues you may have about breastfeeding first to make sure that is a good option for you.

  14. Amanda Lea says:

    I didnt!! I praise the women who do. I tried it was tragic and painful. I was a bottle feeding momma!!

  15. Kelly D says:

    My story is that it didn’t work out for me either time. My tip is to expect anything because each experience is different.

  16. livivua chandler says:

    Keep trying off and on for latching. The little one may not latch first, second, third, or twentieth time but they will if your are persistent.

  17. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    My advice is don’t give up

  18. Sonya Morris says:

    My advice is to stick with it through the first month. It gets easier after four weeks. Also, if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up about it because there are perks to formula feeding as well!

  19. Laura says:

    My advice is to take one day at a time and don’t give up (especially during the first two weeks)

  20. Jeanne Coulombe says:

    I nused my children and it was wonderful the bonding you get is awesome. My tip for new mom’s don’t stress give it a day of trying and always switch sides. My daughter nurses her children as well.

  21. Heather Dawn says:

    My son is going to turn two next month and he is still breastfeeding! My best advice is in the beginning, it gets easier.

  22. Maria Beas says:

    I had mastitis and had to stop the breastfeeding completely. My best advice would be to be patient and to always ask for help. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway.

  23. Susan Biddle says:

    I nursed my 3 youngest children and wish I had my eldest. I had a lot of trouble learning. Fenugreek helps a ton to increase milk supply!

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