Life Update…Fa La La La FALL!

I’m already seeing the glimmer of Christmas bulbs in Target people!  You know if Target has it then it must be true….I mean you can’t trust Hobby Lobby or Michaels because it’s basically Christmas 24 hours a day/ 365 at those joints.

Like seriously I’m so anxious to decorate this house because I have more Christmas decorations that I actually have regular decorations so it sort of makes my house look shall we say….”decorated“???


This week begins my very favorite Christmas shopping event in DFW Christmas in Cowtown 🙂

Check out our past shopping adventures HERE.

Update on the house…well, we had to buy a pool pump and my washing machine broke along with a thousand other things that need to get done, but that’s okay we have a lifetime right?  I’m not going to sell a kidney just yet.

Check out our entry way.  Gone is the tuscan Olive Garden feel and welcome sleek and modern clean walls and lighting from Savoy House.


At least all the messy stuff is over and we can relax a bit.  I’ve been getting into Snapchat lately: Username: thejavamama

Connor has been having a lot of fun playing soccer again.  We are about to start boy scouts too!


I did the prettiest engagement shoot for my friend Kelly’s daughter.  The Dallas Arboretum is so gorgeous this time of year and they have pumpkins EVERYWHERE!
dsc_5986 dsc_6050 dsc_6081 dsc_6142 dsc_6224 dsc_6257

Aren’t they the cutest???

Well, that’s about it besides the daily routine of school and work.  I’m loving the new show “This is Us”.  If you haven’t watched it….DO IT.  My parents are coming in for a visit in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait!  For the daily you can find me on Instagram 🙂

xo Becky



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