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So, we’ve been in our apartment for over a year now. In the beginning we signed a six month lease, which then turned into another  6 month lease.  This process of buying a home has been completely crazy!

Needless to say, I’m happy no matter where we are because we have a roof over our heads and don’t have to worry.  We are debt free, our cars are paid for, our credit is great, and we are saving diligently towards retirement & this kiddo’s future.


It took us a while to get to this point in life and it doesn’t always happen over night.  I remember when Terence and I first got married we were young and didn’t have much of a credit history.  Our very first loan was for a home computer.  We went to the bank and asked for a personal loan so we could purchase a new computer.  We needed it for school and other various reasons, but we just couldn’t afford one at that point in life.

That personal loan was a first step at building good credit for our future.  Even though we were just starting out in life, it meant a lot that someone was willing to loan us money for something we needed.

Situations like this will pop up throughout your life.  You never know where you’ll end up or what you may be facing in the future.  I’ve worked in the Finance industry for over a decade and have seen how a personal loan can benefit many lives.  Discover Personal Loans can be an ideal solution for individuals with good credit and a strong financial history. With no origination fees you’ll receive 100% of your approved  loan amount. You get competitive, fixed rates with flexible repayment options to help you reach your goals in life.  Whether it be for a wedding, car, or a trip somewhere…. like Scotland for your 15 year wedding anniversary…. *hint* *hint*


Discover Personal Loans can help with debt consolidation and credit card refinancing (these are actually the number one reasons why people take out a personal loan). Discover has 100% U.S. based loan specialists who can help you decide which loan term works best and how quickly you want to pay it off.

Discover Personal Loans offers fixed rates starting at 6.99% up to 24.99% with flexible repayment terms. You can lock in a lower, fixed rate debt consolidation loan that can help you eliminate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in future interest payments.  Plus, the fixed interest rate on a Personal Loan is generally lower than the higher, variable rates associated with many revolving debts.

Sometimes you need a little help getting where you want to go in life, so why not let someone give you a hand AND save money in the process?  Learn more about Discover Personal Loans here.

Find out how a personal loan can benefit you & how you can erase higher-interest credit card debt.

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