Connor’s SIXth Birthday! Star Wars Party

Our sweet Connor James turned six years old this month.  I’ve been a bad “party Mom” for the past couple of years and let celebrating kind of slide.  This year we went to Summit Climbing in Grapevine and everyone had a blast.

Of course the theme was Star Wars!  As if we had any other option right?  Everything was really laid back and that’s just the way I like it.  I think all the little Jedi’s had a great time and we are thankful to everyone who came to celebrate our ray of sunshine!

xo- The Branches

Enjoy the pictures 🙂BBP_7064BBP_7065

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Whew…There it is!

This post is going to be all sorts of random….but that is what happens when you don’t blog every day anymore and then your mind is full of so many things it might explode.

ATTN:  I don’t know if I pissed off Google or what.  My blog doesn’t show up when you search for it…I have no idea how to fix this or what’s up.  You have to type in the EXACT URL to get to it….blah.  If anyone knows why this is happening PUH-LEEZE comment or help a sista out.

Back to the daily:

Is this not the cutest chocolate like. EVER?  It’s a makeup compact and lipstick.  YUM.

I’m always talking about food, and chocolate, and coffee….one track mind.  Or three track….whatever.


I found these Poky Little Puppy cups at World Market the other day.  Nostalgia won me over.  I remember reading these Golden Books as a child and I just had to get them for Connor.  For $1 I think they were totally worth it.BBP_6984

Connor had his birthday party at Summit Rock Climbing.  His 6th birthday shirt was none other than….STAR WARS! (I plan on making a quilt out of all his birthday shirts one day) I’ll blog about his whole party on my next blog entry.  BUT- Right after his party I got sooooo sick last Sunday night and was literally in bed for 2 days.  It sucked.BBP_7060

This past weekend we drove to Arkansas for a couple of nights to celebrate my WONDERFUL Daddy who turned 60 today!  He’s the best Dad I could have ever prayed or wished for.  Thank you Daddy for being everything that you are and then some.  You are so special to SO many!BBP_7324

I attended the DFW Auto Show last week as well.  It was super fun and it’s nice to see the cars before they come out and we even got to drive a few 🙂

Can’t wait to try this new Mazda CX-9 that will be rolling out in the next couple months.


My sister got an entire CASE of Kinder eggs.  If you know us at all you know we are some crazy Kinder egg loving gals.  Maybe it’s because they are such a delicacy to us, or the fact that we can’t get them all the time….but we sort of binge when we find them and they are SO good!


My Mom came back with us to Texas this week and my sister is visiting this weekend 🙂

Just enjoying time with my family and trying NOT to think about house hunting or the depressing sinkhole that the housing market is right now. In the mean time I’ll keep working towards a firm bottom by living on the 3rd floor and climbing 20 flights of stairs a day *wink* *wink*

For all the latest updates follow along on INSTAGRAM!!!  Woohoo!!!

xo Becky

Honk Honk! Win TWO Tickets to the DFW Auto Show!

This post is sponsored by SheBuysCars & the DFW Auto Show. All opinions are my own.

BBP_1506 BBP_1509 BBP_1510

Honk Honk Everyone!

Guess what’s coming up next week?  The DFW Auto Show!

I attended last year and let me just say there was some serious eye candy.  If you are looking for a new car, love getting all googly eyed over the new shiny vehicles, or are just looking for something fun to do you have to go!  I’m the type of person that likes to touch and see everything in person.  The DFW Auto Show was the place to do just that.  I hopped in the drivers seat and got a feel for each car.  I may have imagined myself on a couple of fabulous road trips or winning a car on the Price is Right too!  Ha ha!

Mazda will be showing the newly updated Mazda CX-9. 2016 is turning out to be the year of the family car, and Mazda is taking that to heart; after years of focusing on smaller sedans and the Miata roadster, we can’t wait to see what is in store for the popular three row SUV CX-9.  Mazda’s “zoom zoom” is still a favorite with drivers and critics. The company’s sedans win award after award; they are a favorite to drive among auto experts. Partially this is because they are well engineered; this is also partially because they deliver a lot of value for the price.

Mazda has a car for everyone! From ‘starter’ cars like the Miata or the 3 to crossovers perfect for the family, like the CX-9, Mazda wants its customers to grow with the brand. Check out more here.

Last, just ahead of the CX-9, Mazda brought out the completely new CX-3, a smaller crossover: Just as capable and flexible, but perfect for those who don’t travel with a crew.  You can find more on Mazda’s website here.

The DFW Auto Show opens March 16-20. For more information please visit the 2016 DFW Auto Show website.

Enter to win 2 Tickets to the DFW Auto Show

  • Must live in the DFW area.
  • Tickets must be picked up in person at the auto show.
  • Full instructions will be given to the winner.


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