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Girls let’s talk about lips shall we?  My lips get so dry during this time of year….one time a co-worker actually came up to me and told me my lips were bleeding they were so dry!  Ahhhh!  I don’t know if I lick my lips too much or I am just prone to chapped smackers, but it’s no fun.  I remedy that embarrassing problem with the goodness that is ChapStick® – something that helps my dry lips AND comes in so many varieties and flavors.


ChapStick® has remained a beauty staple since the brand started more than 100 years ago, continuing to protect and moisturize lips every day!  I carry ChapStick® in my purse, in my car, or at my desk at work.  It’s easy to grab and go, while keeping my lips on fleek.

Let’s talk seasons now shall we?

Spring and summer are right around the corner.  ChapStick® Sun Defense will be my go-to in the next few months.


Right now with it still being cool outside my lips are crazy dry.  I’ve been using the ChapStick® 8 Hour Moisture variety.  It’s really soothing and lasts a long time.  I need that because I often forget to re-apply during the day.  It comes in some great flavors, like Green Apple, Vanilla Mint, Raspberry Crème and Original.BBP_6080

I also like flavor, and let me just say that the Mango Sunrise ChapStick® is SOOOO YUMMY! Mango Sunrise is available at mass retailers and drug stores nationwide.

It’s flu season and ChapStick® Medicated can help soothe and heal dry, chapped lips too.  No matter what your needs, ChapStick® has the right product for you!



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  1. My favorite flavor has always been the Classic Cherry! I didnt know they had so many…I cannot wait to try the Aloha Coconut!

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