Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! A Bachelor Party & #ASweetPairing

What’s better than a night in with girlfriends & jumping on the crazy train also known as “The Bachelor”?  Add in some wine and chocolate and you practically have a love fest going on, not to mention the best commentary in the whole world!  Ha ha!

My friend Kelly and I get together on Monday nights to have a Bachelor viewing party and girl’s night in.  (Have I mentioned how much I just adore Kelly and the fact that she moved here from Arkansas recently???)  It’s so hard to make friends when you move some place new.  I know God put her here for ME…at least that is what I’m telling myself because we have become instant friends 🙂  We say Kelly is my future self or I am her past self or whatever that is…ha ha!!!

Bachelor night with the girls.  I thought that was cute with my rose in my mouth. Ahem… BBP_5035


Anyway…we have the best time just doing anything!  So, this past Monday night was extra special because we threw a wine and chocolate party to go along with our Bachelor get together.

First stop…Walmart for all the necessities.


What’s better than some Ghirardelli chocolate and Josh Cellars wine for a girl’s night in?20160125_100623

Will you accept this rose???20160125_184938

Me and Kelly aka “The Hostesses with the Mostesses” getting things ready for the night.20160125_191126 BBP_4974 BBP_4975

Fun little photo props I found at Walmart for around $3.00!BBP_4976

The way to a girl’s heart…chocolate.  That’s how I knew my husband was the one.  Within the first week he bought me a HUGE box of chocolates 🙂


Wine for all the girls.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Josh Cellars Chardonnay.  I’m a white wine gal.  What is your wine of choice?BBP_4981

Next we made some Ghirardelli covered popcorn.  Oh my goodness…YUM.BBP_4985

fs BBP_5012 BBP_4987

Almost party time!


I also dipped some pretzel sticks in Ghirardelli chocolate.  The more chocolate the merrier in my opinion.BBP_5004 BBP_5019 BBP_5022

We have a party crasher and trouble over here.  Doesn’t trouble look like Adele???BBP_5026 BBP_5030

BBP_5031 BBP_5038


“Let’s Instagram that!”

Pouring a little Josh Cellars wine to get the party started 🙂
BBP_5058 BBP_5069

We also had some fabulous prize winners!  Woohoo for Lindsey and Jessica!  Parties are more fun when prizes are involved am I right?z

Now we are ready to chill and watch The Bachelor while I binge on chocolate and drink my wine.  I could not ask for a better night with friends.  We had some significant others there too and let me just say the commentary from men about The Bachelor is hilarious!

Jeff giving Kelly a rose.  Awwwww….


It’s Monday night ladies and The Bachelor is about to start!  What are you going to do this Valentine’s Day?  Mine is going to definitely include some wine and chocolate.  That’s for sure!


A special thank you to Ghirardelli & Josh Cellar wine for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.



2 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! A Bachelor Party & #ASweetPairing

  1. LOVE it and I’m SO jealous that you have a friend from Arkansas to hang with! I wish I lived closer to you because I know we’d have a blast as well. 🙂 Now…. about that Bachelor – I am NOT happy they postponed it regarding Olivia for another darn week! Grrr…. however, as much as I WANT her to GO HOME already, I’m afraid by looking at next week’s previews that she’s not gone OR they brought back some other controversial girl from the past – what do you think? Love the festivities – and the chocolate and wine of course! 🙂

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