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Girls let’s talk about lips shall we?  My lips get so dry during this time of year….one time a co-worker actually came up to me and told me my lips were bleeding they were so dry!  Ahhhh!  I don’t know if I lick my lips too much or I am just prone to chapped smackers, but it’s no fun.  I remedy that embarrassing problem with the goodness that is ChapStick® – something that helps my dry lips AND comes in so many varieties and flavors.


ChapStick® has remained a beauty staple since the brand started more than 100 years ago, continuing to protect and moisturize lips every day!  I carry ChapStick® in my purse, in my car, or at my desk at work.  It’s easy to grab and go, while keeping my lips on fleek.

Let’s talk seasons now shall we?

Spring and summer are right around the corner.  ChapStick® Sun Defense will be my go-to in the next few months.


Right now with it still being cool outside my lips are crazy dry.  I’ve been using the ChapStick® 8 Hour Moisture variety.  It’s really soothing and lasts a long time.  I need that because I often forget to re-apply during the day.  It comes in some great flavors, like Green Apple, Vanilla Mint, Raspberry Crème and Original.BBP_6080

I also like flavor, and let me just say that the Mango Sunrise ChapStick® is SOOOO YUMMY! Mango Sunrise is available at mass retailers and drug stores nationwide.

It’s flu season and ChapStick® Medicated can help soothe and heal dry, chapped lips too.  No matter what your needs, ChapStick® has the right product for you!



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A Valentine Tale of Long Ago…

It’s Valentine’s day weekend y’all and for the love of all things Godiva, Starbucks, and Kendra Scott please get your sweetheart something special!

I remember my first Valentine’s day with T.  We were 19 years old and had only been dating a couple of months.  That boy was seriously obsessed with me…I mean who wouldn’t be right?  I remember the first time he asked me out I was like “Well, if you want you can come to my house and watch a movie with me and my Mom”.  I felt bad for him, he knew no one because he was a Texan in the middle of Arkansas…he was a foreigner for goodness sake.

Then when he did come over I made him watch Romy & Michelle‘s Highschool Reunion”.  I mean….he even pretended to feign interest.  So, after that night we were pretty much attached.  We talked for hours about so much random stuff.

Fast forward a couple of months later to our first Valentine’s day and I bought him a pillow with kisses all over it then I spelled out “I LOVE YOU” with glow in the dark stars on his dorm room wall.  So, every time he turned off the lights he would see my profession of undying love right there in front of his face.


This picture was on film people…it’s amazing I still have a replica of college days including the pillow case with kisses. 16 years ago….seriously?


You know how much I loooooove my chocolate.  Terence had gone home a couple of months earlier for Christmas and he brought me back a HUGE box of Godiva chocolates.  Not Hershey’s, no ladies…. G-O-D-I-V-A.  There wasn’t a store in the entire state of Arkansas that sold Godiva & it was gold…..GOLD I tell you!  He had me at chocolate and ya know he may have said I love you back.  🙂

I remember our first Valentine’s day as a married couple.  We had been married about 6 months and Terence was in the Air Force.  We lived in our cute little base house straight out of 1972.  All of the sudden T had to run to the “mall” to get something.  Ahem….okay Captain Obvious.  He came home with a pair of diamond earrings.  I just about died.  At a time when we didn’t have two nickels to rub together and he bought me earrings….

Now days it’s like…well I was thinking of getting you something, but I put money in our IRA instead.  How romantic, you shouldn’t have.

Please never stop thinking it’s okay to let “It’s the thought that counts” be okay!!!  NO NO NO!

I need to try too…it’s not all on men.  I’m guilty (insert shame face).

Ladies, you need to work it honey.

Okay, so there’s my little Valentine’s tale of T+B = <3




I don’t know what we are doing this year, but it usually involves take-out and a Redbox movie.  Babysitters are so expensive…anyone wanna babysit??? *cough*

I can’t wait for girls night Friday and the cat claws that come out….literally.


Oh and this is pure greatness….the love chair in Branson, Missouri.


As long as we are walking down memory lane here….I can’t believe we have this beautiful boy.  Sometimes I pinch myself.  How did we get so lucky?

(Connor’s first Valentine’s day 2011)

Watch out girls he’s coming for you!


ANSWER —-> Are we going to have anymore babies???  I get that a lot…and the answer is no, sometimes maybe…usually I don’t know.  If it’s God’s plan.  I have a good 50 pounds of FOOD baby to lose before that’s even a consideration.  I’m about to be 35 and I think I am good.  Yup.

I love photographing and smelling babies.  So, if you ever want to hand yours over for a while let me know 😉

Anyway…I guess that’s all for today.  What are y’all going to do for Valentine’s day?

Chocoholics Anonymous

I got a Fitbit about a year ago and at first I was TOTALLY into it.  Well, fast forward to this year I found it collecting dust in a bathroom drawer.  I dusted off my Fitbit in January and have been wearing it every day since (unless it’s charging).

Last night I did 10,000 steps when Terence persuaded me to go to the high school track and do laps.  I’m glad he did…but today I’m hurting like an old gray mare.  UGH.

It sure is fun to eat that pint of Ben & Jerry’s, but it sucks to get rid of that spare tire I now have around my mid section.

I just started thinking of chocolate…and now I’m thinking of the Valentine’s day Starbucks drink that just came out.  The Molten Hot Chocolate.  See….I have a one track mind.


I want to be gorgeous and skinny, but really…


Speaking of Rebel Wilson, I cannot wait for girl’s night out this weekend to see “How To Be Single”.  I’m sure behind the scenes Rebel gave Dakota Johnson all sorts of heck for “Fifty Shades of Grey”  Can you imagine those jokes?

What are y’all doing for Valentine’s Day?  I bought myself a new Kate Spade courtesy of Ter-Bear.  I mean he asks why I need so many purses, but I switch them out and purses ALWAYS fit.  It’s a win/win.  Kate Spade sale going on HERE lady friends!

Connor’s 100th day of school was last week and they were asked to dress like old folks.  Isn’t he the cutest?  He looks just like the old man in the movie UP.  All he needs is some balloons and a walker with tennis balls.

(I told him to make an old man face…this is what I got)


I’ve been super busy with photo shoots lately and having a ton of fun!  Follow on Instagram for daily happenings!  Love yuns!