School Valentines 2016

This is the third year I’ve ordered Connor’s Valentine’s for school from Cardstore.  I bought enough for his whole class and a few extra for less than $10!  Holla if you hear me say DEAL!

Didn’t they turn out cute?


You can get each sheet for .99 cents using the code below:

$.99 School Val

I also made some goodies to put with the Valentine’s.  Here’s me trying to “Get crafty with it”.  Feel free to print off the template I made.




xoxo Becky

Valentine Preparations & Target Love <3

If you haven’t bought anything for your lady or ahem…yourself from your man…check out my friend Kelly’s jewelry!  We had so much fun taking these photos!

Friends! If you are looking for something special to wear this Valentines day let me know! My friend Kelly is having a great deal going on right now (including the neckace I LOVE and am wearing in my new profile pic)

ANYTHING you want is 30% OFF RIGHT NOW!


Access code : Kelly



The stinking Target $1 spot gets me every time.  I love using glitter in my photos, so I picked up some of the glitter bottles.  Washi tape for Valentines, and notepad from Paperchase (I love that Target is carrying Paperchase!)

These little lights were in the $1 spot too for $3.  Connor is afraid of the dark a lot right now, so I bought these and put them on his bookshelf next to his bed.  It looks really cute too!  I used the teeny tiny Command hooks to attach to the bookshelf.



See, isn’t that cute!



I also got Connor a pair of fake glasses like his Daddy’s.  He said they help him see better.  I didn’t tell him they were fake obviously…I hope he doesn’t really need glasses for a long while.


Here is our apartment 🙂

This XOXO banner was $6 at Target and I’m sure I’ll use it for future photo shoots as well!


I got my sister (lover of all things bling) this shirt from Blings N Thingz on Instagram.


Some Valentine’s fun photos with my neighbors daughter 🙂



What are y’all planning this Valentine’s Day?

I’ll share a little craft with you in the next few days <3

Mental Health Break


Okay so I can officially say I’ve had sort of a “mental health break” from blogging and I’m hoping to hop back on the blog train.  I’ve been in a funk & haven’t felt like writing.  Reading on the other hand…I can go through at LEAST 5 books a month on my beloved Kindle.

It’s awful.  I wish books would tell you outright whether or not this is part of a 2-5 book series.  I get so caught up reading and reach the end only to discover there are a bazillion more books that I have to wait MONTHS for and by that point I’ve completely forgotten anything about the prior books.

Here’s looking at YOU Sylvia Day *wink* *wink*

I got an email today from Connor’s teacher saying we have to make Valentine’s day boxes for his class at home.  The girl in me wants sparkles and glitter galore…but I know I’ll probably just get some Star Wars stickers and let Connor go to town.  You know how long I’ve been waiting to do arts and crafts for SCHOOL!  I’m more excited than he is probably.  Art is my thing y’all.  If I have to live vicariously through my child so be it.

Still house hunting and trying to keep our heads up before our next lease date is up.  I love our apartments and we’ve met so many great friends here.  It will be sad to leave when we finally do find a house.  I may even cry.  I met a wonderful new friend, Kelly, who moved here with her husband from Little Rock.  I feel like God just brought us together and they are the sweetest ever.  Kelly is me in like 20 years and I just love her spirit!  I went over to their house last night to watch The Bachelor.  I just have to say….Olivia…off with your head!  Or kankles…or toes.  Blah…just leave already – you shallow Cameron Diaz with no personality wanna be.


Get out.


We started a Biggest Loser competition at work.  We weighed in today and I only lost ONE POUND this past week.  Ugh.  I’ll have to remind myself not to eat or drink anything before weigh in next time.  I’m so not a gym person….sigh.


These are definitely not helping either.  Genius Dove Chocolate…genius.  Who can resist red velvet and chocolate together???



This has got to be my favorite Starbucks card of all time.  It’s a camera….awwwww.

I saw them at Christmas and grabbed like 5 of them because I went hysterical.


I looooove doing photography.  It’s my outlet and I loooooove LOVE.  I had the pleasure of photographing the sweetest proposal Friday night.  Are they not the cutest couple???

BBP_4691 BBP_4699 BBP_4705 BBP_4711 BBP_4727 BBP_4733 BBP_4742 BBP_4764 BBP_4771 BBP_4805 BBP_4810 BBP_4818 BBP_4830

Love is in the air…next time let’s talk about Valentine’s Day shall we? <3



$.99 School Val