I Mean Really?

Tonight I’m sitting here editing photos and so excited for the fall season to hit us.  I’m waiting patiently Texas…I know you can’t decide.  One day it’s 95 and the next it’s 50.  I’m ready for leaves to change colors and to feel a breeze instead of sweat under my arms.

We put another bid in on a house yesterday.  There are already multiple offers.  I think we are becoming pros at bidding on houses right now.  The market is crazy…we had no idea it was this crazy when we sold our house this past summer.  So, any prayers would be appreciated.  If it’s the Lord’s will then that will be our home, if not I know the right one will come along eventually.

Kids can be so mean.  Connor’s teacher told me that some kids were making fun of him at school because his hair was frizzy/curly.  He does have some crazy hair, but I love his curls.  He usually takes a shower at night and sleeps on it.  By morning it has definitely frizzed out and it’s hard to maintain.  But still- why would that even matter???  I bought a spray bottle today so we can spray it down if it gets out of control.  Anyone recommend any products for frizzy/curly hair for boys?

Who wouldn’t love this face?


I am loooooving ponchos this season.  I am not a fashionista, but I do like fashion.  I’m short and I like food too much.  I didn’t inherit one bit of my Mother’s gene pool in the height department because she’s 6 feet tall.  This is from Stitchfix.  You fill out a profile online and a stylist picks out pieces for you.  Overall I’ve really liked what my stylist has chosen for me 🙂


I also bought a Christmas ornament for 2015.  Every year I try to buy an ornament with our yearly photo in it.  One day when I’m old and gray I can look at them all and see how we’ve grown over the years.


Kindergarten homework is so fun!  I can handle the early years…when he gets into high-school he’s all Terence’s 🙂  There seems to be a new flyer, announcement, or to-do every day.  Gosh, some days I forget my deodorant let alone all the different things going on at school.  There is so much STUFF to remember.  How do you organize school stuff?


Are you a coffee LOVER like me?  Whelp….check out this awesome shirt by my good friend Sarah, owner of Wake Me Up Designs.  Go get yours HERE before they sell OUT!  Sooooo in love with this shirt and it’s great quality too.  I’m weird about cottons and see through fabrics and this is high quality, good merchandise people.  I love everything she whips out!


Toodles for now y’all!



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