What’s in a Home?

I can’t believe it’s already a few months until Christmas.  It seems like every year goes by faster and faster.  Connor is really enjoying Kindergarten and it’s fun to watch him learn and thrive every day.

It’s taken me some getting used to our new schedule.  For so long I worked full time and now that I’m not it’s hard to adjust.  I know what you’re thinking….“REALLY Becky…you are complaining about having MORE time???”  It’s just a new routine and I’m used to having something to do constantly and it’s in my nature I guess.  I LOVE MY JOB.  Thank you Jesus.  Terence and I were both sick with what Connor had a couple weeks ago and everyone was so great about it.  We’ve never really been a sickly family, but since Connor started school it’s like WHAM….bring it!  We had a scare with Terence’s x-ray that came back needing further inspection.  The next day Terence had a CT scan to rule out cancer in his lymph nodes.  After a worrisome 48 hours we were relieved to find out it wasn’t cancer and it was a calcified something-or-other…..but nothing to be concerned with right now.

I am enjoying being able to pick Connor up from school and drop him off.  Help with homework and hopefully go on field trips this fall. I’ve got to step up my game on cooking.  I am not gifted in the kitchen.  UGH.  It’s like torture for me to cook a decent meal.  Meal planning is so hard because I don’t eat a lot of meat, but the boys both like different things.  It’s just three people so why should it be so hard to cook something???  It is though and it stresses me out.  Is that normal?

Connor lost a second tooth at school today.  He looks so cute with his little snaggle toothed mouth 🙂


We are still house hunting.  It’s been one of the most grueling processes.  I am beginning to wonder if we should have sold our house to begin with….sigh.  I’m ready for some space and a yard again.  I just want some place we can roam, put up a Christmas tree, and get to know our neighbors.  It’s hard in an apartment with kid who wants to bounce and run everywhere.  (And leave tiny itty bitty Legos laying on the floor)  I know God has the perfect place out there for us….I’m hoping we find it soon!  Prayers would be greatly appreciated as we continue this process and we have to put a notice in on our lease soon.

A few weeks ago my best friend Ellen came to visit and the Sheraton hotel in Fort Worth hosted us for the weekend.  It was SO much fun!  We had a great visit and some fun retail therapy!

Sprinkles cupcakes 🙂

20150904_204419 20150906_205623

The rooms were so nice.  The Sheraton in Fort Worth recently remodeled and everything was exceptional.  Down to the Starbucks in the lobby 🙂BBP_6852 BBP_6856 BBP_6858 BBP_6860 BBP_6863 BBP_6865

I mean if we can’t find a house right now I can at least stay in an awesome hotel right?

And it was pretty awesome.



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