Friday Favorites Link Up: Fall TV Shows


If you’ve ready this blog for any extended period of time you know my love of The Goldberg’s and the crazy Mom Beverly and all her antics.  It’s the funniest sitcom on TV as far as I’m concerned.  It’s set in the 80’s (my favorite era) and everything about it makes me happy!  The hair, the scrunchies, leg warmers, and crazy sweaters oh my!


Terence and I watched The Blindspot on Monday night and I really liked it!  I love a good mystery and this is going to be one of them…I can tell by the first episode.  We also watched Limitless this week, The Blacklist is a favorite, and Scandal.  On Fridays we like to watch Shark Tank too 🙂

What are your favorite TV shows this fall?  Link up below:



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