SmartCoffee App + Enter to Win Your OWN Special Coffee Blend!

A few weeks ago I was asked to try a new app called SmartCoffee.

SmartCoffee is a mobile app where you can take a blending quiz to determine which blend of coffee is perfect for you.

SmartCoffee is the mobile app created by Paul Katzeff, the grandfather of specialty coffee roasting in America.   At 77, Paul has taken his 45 years of experience in the coffee business and built this app to empower coffee drinkers to have their perfect cup every time.


After I took the quiz to figure out my perfect blend of coffee from Thanksgiving Coffee Company I found out my perfect choice would be the Albion River Inn Blend.

This unique coffee blend has been a traditional part of Albion River Inn’s fine culinary experience for decades.  A full-bodied and well-rounded blend with sweet chocolate tones and a crisp, toasty flavor, our Organic and Fair Trade blend is grown high in the mountains of northern Nicaragua.

So, both Terence and I have been drinking this coffee for a week now and we absolutely LOVE it.  I have to say that I was a bit skeptical, because I am a crazy fanatic coffee drinker….but SmartCoffee got it right!

I’ll definitely be ordering some more of this coffee because it’s some of the best beans I’ve tried in awhile.

Want a chance to WIN your own personal blend of coffee using the SmartCoffee App?

Just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite type of coffee is?



6 thoughts on “SmartCoffee App + Enter to Win Your OWN Special Coffee Blend!

  1. I usually enjoy coffee that is a light to medium roast. I seem to veer towards Mexican blends most often, but I’m open to others.

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