No…I’ve Not Fallen Off The Face of the Planet.

Oh my gosh y’all!  Things have been super busy lately.  I’ve neglected my bloggy blog for a bit too long.  I’ve been busy with my new job, photo shoots, and doing laundry.  Ya know…living the life.

We are about to put our house on the market and packing is craziness!  We watched Tiny Houses on Netflix and going through all our crap makes me want to “tiny” my life.  I don’t think I could actually live in a tiny house, but the idea is appealing.  I know I want to get rid of all that junk we don’t use anymore.  We went through closets last weekend and gave a ton to good will.  I felt free!

The idea of moving is scary, but we are hoping to get moved before Connor starts the big Kindergarten this year.

Terence and I have been juicing again for dinner.  I’ve been avoiding Easter candy like the plague.  Stupid Cadbury mini eggs!!!  They are crack.

I got to spend time with my good friend Sarah and her precious lil diva Ellie.  I just adore this high/low dress.  She’s the cutest little thing….like….EVER.


Sarah is also the owner of the cutest shop Wake Me Up Designs.  She made me my very own sparkly “Java Mama” t-shirt.  Watch out J-Lo….I be blinging.  unnamed

Here’s a little throwback for you.  Ter-Bear and I dating and sharing our first Easter together.  Gah…I was skinny.  Must have been before Cadbury mini eggs came out.  It was 15 years ago after all.  I am blaming the Cadbury mini eggs for everything right now.Terence-and-Becky-at-Easter-2000

Also, if you live in DFW I have a spring photo special going on.  Email me if you are interested at




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