MetLife TRICARE Dental Matters @MetLifeTDP #IC

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I’ve written about MetLife TRICARE Dental over the past few weeks and our military experience.  I’ve really enjoyed sharing our story and encouraging other military families out there.  It’s a subject that is near and dear to my heart.

I’m so proud to say we were in the military and my husband served his country proudly!  I’m also proud of companies like TRICARE Dental that support our military and offer great care.  If you are military and eligible to apply, please take a moment and check out the MetLife TDP Monthly Premiums chart to get a better idea of coverage.

The MetLife TRICARE Dental Program is making changes to their monthly premium effective February 1, 2015. Premium amounts change annually each year on February 1st.  MetLife TRICARE Dental Program premiums vary based upon a family member(s) military status (Active Duty, Selected Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve and type of enrollment).  With the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program Family members are covered regardless of a sponsor’s change in status to and from active duty.

The TRICARE Dental Program is ideal for military families because it is a convenient and cost-effective way for families to have continuous dental coverage despite changes in life events, geographical locations, or military status.  We are already a month into 2015 and having coverage for your chompers is a big deal y’all.  Especially if you have kids and they start to lose their teeth, get cavities, braces, or have molars removed.  The costs can rack up quickly.  Taking advantage of TRICARE Dental through MetLife will give you peace of mind.  No matter what life events occur this year you and your family will be prepared and taken care of.

The flexible coverage that TRICARE Dental provides is a major plus in my book.  Everyone has changes in life and through this program you aren’t tied down.  After completing the 12-month minimum-enrollment period, enrollment may be continued on a month-to-month basis until an enrollment termination request is made by the sponsor.

Connecting with TRICARE’s Facebook page and signing up for Dental HealthMatters Newsletter are two great ways to stay in the know with TRICARE.