Finish This: Week 43 & Halloweeeeeeeen

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1. As a kid, my favorite Halloween costume was
Oh gosh I had so many.  I loved the ones that my Mom would make herself.  These are a few of my favorites our Mom made:

2009-10-25_22_48_06 2009-10-25_22_48_30 2009-10-25_22_49_00




















































2. As an adult, I celebrate Halloween by
Every year the place I work has a theme, so I usually dress up that day.  This year’s theme is “What did you want to be when you were young?”  So you’ll see that soon I’m sure!

We usually take Connor around the block for awhile and then go back home and pass out candy.  Passing out candy is one of my favorite things to do because I just love to visit and see all the costumes.

3. My favorite candy is

Godiva.  I don’t like Hershey’s or cheap candy.  I do like an occasional Reese’s cup.  I LOVE Kinder anything!  It’s a chocolate from Germany that I wait every year for them to come out with around the holidays. 

I love dark chocolate.




Fall Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fun weekend full of fall activities. Ahem…even though it was in the 90’s!!!  I had a couple of photo shoots that were a lot of fun and Connor and Terence went camping and roughed it Friday night.  They both came home and were like “It was WAY too hot to camp!”

The picture below is of a pumpkin carving contest in downtown Fort Worth.  We met my friend Diana there and it was a LOT of fun!  Nice to make the mess at some place else besides my house 😉  We carved none other than a Batman pumpkin.  Or I should say that I did….Connor wasn’t too keen on the insides of a pumpkin.

He did get his face painted like a blue Batman.  🙂20141026_142334 20141026_144302

On Saturday night we attended Trunk or Treat at Connor’s school.  I must be such a dumb dumb because I didn’t really understand what “Trunk or Treat” meant???  I thought it was going to be inside.  Then people started popping their trunks and decorating them.  We just brought a bowl of candy.  Oh well….the kiddos had fun and that’s all that matters!  Now I officially know what Trunk or Treat is though 😉

Below are some photos from “Trunk or Treat”:D7K_3971D7K_3989


D7K_3990 D7K_3994 D7K_3996 D7K_3998 D7K_4008