That Kid + A Fun Little Giveaway!


This kid. He’s the love of my life. He is such a goofy kiddo. We are working on his listening ears and trying to help him learn the right things to say….but he gets so mad when I try and correct him!  Like using “Her did that” instead of “She did that”. Context is probably a hard thing to learn.

Every day he runs straight to the iPad.  I know he’s had a long day at school (where there is no TV) and just wants to check out for a moment just like I do.  Is it bad that he wants to b-line to the iPad?  I think he’ll be okay.

He’s still wetting his pants at nap time.  I know it’s just a phase, but I feel SO bad for his teachers who have to clean up that mess every day.  Bless their ever-loving heart.


He’s becoming quite the artist and learning to write his name really well.  My favorite subject in school was art…maybe he’s taking after his Mama?

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We have been playing with a fun new toy lately called a Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Tree House Hideaway Playset™.  Connor has been playing with it non-stop since it arrived in the mail.

Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Tree House Hideaway Playset™ includes:

  • The ability to learn about animals, play sing-along songs and more with the included SmartPoint™ panda or other SmartPoint animals (sold separately).

  • A Tree House Hideaway Playset with five SmartPoint locations and six manipulative features including a shape sorter that can help develop hand/eye coordination.

  •  Unique features such as a crank basket elevator that goes to the top of the playset, a swing for the panda and a slide the panda can ride to the bottom.

  • Colorful tracks that can be connected to other Go! Go! Smart Animals or Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets (each sold separately) to encourage children’s creativity.

D7K_2253 D7K_2256

The lovely people at VTech are giving away (1) Go! Go! Smart Animals™ Tree House Hideaway Playset™ (Us Only)


Finish This Link Up: Week 34 All About HAIR!

IT’S WEEK 34 OF FINISH THIS :  All about HAIR!!!

Your hosts are LISA (Coastlined),  JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31). The link up instructions are simple: answer the prompts in a post on your blog. Then, add the post to the collection list using the link below. Next week’s prompts are located at the bottom of this post.











1. My daily hair routine consists of
I only wash my hair every 2-3 days.  When I don’t wash it I used a dry shampoo.  I like the Batiste for Blondes brand.  I also use Got 2B hair powder…it’s amazing stuff and gives you the “perfect poof”. I don’t use a certain brand of shampoo or conditioner, I usually just buy what’s on sale.  My favorite hair spray is Kenra Finishing Spray.  That’s about it for my hair!  I usually just pull it up part way, I don’t like having my bangs in my face.

2. The best hair advice I’ve received
Don’t over wash your hair, it causes breakage.  Also, don’t brush it too much…that causes damage too.

3. My hair idol is

Julianne Hough.  I love her hair short or long she always styles it great.  I wish she didn’t chop it all off…but she seems to be growing it out nicely.

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Invite your blogging friends and come back next Wednesday for another round of Finish This where we’ll answer another set of prompts!

Prompt for WEEK 35 — September 3
I celebrated Labor Day by
My dream job/career, would be
My first paying job was
My current job is



Connor’s First Day of Pre-K 4

Today is Connor’s first day of pre-k 4.  Next year he will be off to Kindergarten….waaaaahhhhh!!!!  The time has flown by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital.

This kid LOVES school and all his friends and teachers 🙂

I hope he always loves learning and making friends….we love you kiddo & don’t grow up too fast now!












My big preschooler: