“I Have Failed as a Mother!”

It’s starting to become very apparent to me how much Connor is actually soaking in.  For instance, Terence and I watch the morning news while we get ready for work in the mornings.  Which is a tornado in itself. Connor is usually in our room too and I’m sure he’s been seeing all the news about the planes going down and stuff like that (let’s not even get started on the Ebola virus…which is scaring the **** out of me!!!  Maybe I should just ban myself from watching the news?  But it’s good to be in the know right? Whatevs.

So, Terence was on a business trip earlier this week and Connor saw a plane on the news and said “Did my Daddy die in an airplane?” WTH-eck?  “Of course not!” “Why would you think that?”

Seriously that scared me and I was just thinking how in the world he would have picked that up!

Then earlier this week he told me “Mom I really miss my church friends and I want to go back to Sunday school”.   Queue the MOM FAIL.  We’ve had visitors from out-of-town every weekend for the last month and are too lazy to get our bums out of bed and go to church.  But he’s noticing and that hurts my heart.  That’s like God saying “BAM!  You need a reality check Becky.”

In the words of Beverly Goldberg (My favorite TV Mom)

“I have failed as a MOTHER!”


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a perfect person and definitely not a perfect wife or mom.  I fail a TON.

First and foremost I want my family to feel loved and like they are my top priority.  I hope they know this.  It’s crazy how life gets in the way and all of a sudden you forget the little things that seep in the cracks.

Other thoughts:

Sure, I’d like to lose 30 lbs.  But am I willing to give up my mean chocolate habit? Uhm…………..Occasionally.

I haven’t had that “Aha” moment and I’m certainly not going to go on a cleanse or post pictures of myself half-naked on Instagram showing how fit I am or how much weight I’ve lost.  Although I am proud of these women…dang it makes me feel like poo.

Seriously how do these people exercise a bazillion hours a day and do everything else that needs to get done?  Their stories are inspiring….but I want to read about something OTHER than before and after pics and how many calories they’ve burned that day. Gah.  (That’s just myself saying boo on me)  Guilty as charged.

Because frankly, after 8+ hours of work I just want to sit on my sofa & watch The Mindy Project and drink a glass of wine.

Also, the outfit posts.  Oh the fashion blogging storm….mercy.  I like fashion just like the next chick.  I love to shop. But how in the WORLD do people post different outfits every.single.day and I’m sitting here wearing the same pants 3 days in a row?  I love the outfits, I like the fashion inspirational posts…..but again….I want to read more than what brand of jeans you are wearing that day.  And about your $3,000 shoes.  Like, what is actually in your noggin?

I’m going on a little rant here that I didn’t intend to…..

I’m feeling out loud and probably over-sharing too much….blah….blah….blah.  But I want to read about YOUR lives….as I know you want to read about mine.  (Yes I have the occasional review post because I’m NOT made of $$$ and it doesn’t grow on trees and as long as it’s something I would enjoy doing…they why not!)  DON’T JUDGE. And I don’t want to forget why I started blogging in the first place.  To read about every day challenges and have that support system.

And someone to honestly tell me what it’s like and smack me over the head and say “Get it together!”

I’m not saying to stop what you’re doing.  Just show more of yourself.  Being honest, raw, and not being ashamed of what you have to say is something in itself.

Love you peeps.  Thanks for listening and have a happy Thursday!

“Orange you glad it’s Thursday?”




Finish This Link Up: Week 30

WELCOME TO WEEK 30 OF FINISH THIS … your co-hosts are LISA (Coastlined),  JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31). The link up instructions are simple: answer the prompts in a post on your blog. Then, add the post to the collection list using the link below. Next week’s prompts are located at the bottom of this post.


1. I like wearing

Black.  I love black.  And I love cardigans.  They are so forgiving and comfy.  I have lots of cardigans.  I’m ready for fall so I can pull those out again.

I posted this on Instagram the other day of me at work:

It’s the shirt that Pinterest-Told-Me-To always talk about HERE.  The shirt is super comfy and on sale right now.  It’s SO soft!  I also got a new Kendra Scott necklace on serious sale!  It’s so nice to live 5 minutes away from a Nordstrom 🙂 Notice a theme here? Black.


2. My most memorable style was
Oh gosh.  I remember wearing overalls in high school and some how those suckers are making their way back into the fashion world.  I’ve also seen at least 3 people wearing fanny packs lately.  Dear Lord…..no fanny packs!!!

Notice my college ID: OVERALLS!


3. I dress to impress by

Putting on a little more makeup than normal.  A bold red lipstick or a smoky eye.  Wear something with sparkles 😉

4. The best style tip I ever received
Dress your size.  Don’t try to squeeze your butt into a size 4 if you are really a size 8.  It only makes you look worse and no one is ever going to see the tag! REALLY?

5. Three wardrobe staples in my closet

Jeans, cardigans, and Niki Biki tank tops

6. Three words that describe my style
Timeless, comfortable, and soft

Now it’s your turn. Answer these prompts in a post on your own blog and join the link up! Come back next Wednesday for another round of Finish This where we’ll answer the prompts below!

Prompts for WEEK 31 (August 6) are:
If I went back to school, I would study
My favorite subject in school
I wish I had paid more attention
The dumbest thing I did in high school was
In high school, I thought I knew

Shopping & Sprinkles

My BFF Ellen drove from Arkansas to come visit ME this past weekend. I love her to pieces and I’m so thankful to have a friendship that has stood the test of time. We’ve been friends since middle school.  No matter what happens in life we can just pick up like we never left. Ellen loves Dallas and she’s the best shopping partner too!

We kicked off the weekend Friday night by going to see  a movie and dinner.  Then Saturday we woke up, drove thru Starbucks (of course) and then headed to the Kendra Scott boutique.

unnamed (8) unnamed (7) unnamed (6)

We both came out empty-handed.  Everything in there is so pretty!  It’s pricey, but pretty!  It was fun to look around and see all the jewels and the new line that just came out.

After Kendra Scott we at lunch at Taco Diner.  It was delicious!  I ordered nachos and a “mango” water to drink and it was SOOOOO good!

unnamed (4) unnamed (5)

Of course no meal is complete without dessert. We walked across the street to the Sprinkles ice cream bar. If you’ve never been you are missing something incredible in life. Their flavors are so good and different from a normal ice cream place.

I love dark chocolate so I got a dark chocolate cupcake with a scoop of triple chocolate ice cream.
unnamed (3)

Ellen got a double scoop of caramel ice cream, red velvet ice cream, topped off with a giant marshmallow! droooooooool.
unnamed (2)

Once we were full of tacos and cupcakes we waddled over to North Park Mall. The Nordstrom sale was still going on. A lot of stuff was just GONE! I mean it’s still going on for a couple of weeks you would think they could re-stock some??? Oh well….

There was the cutest Pop-Up Shop called #Poketo. I didn’t know Nordstrom had pop-up shops, but apparently they do and the theme changes every season.  Such a fun little spot!
unnamed (1)

Sunday it was time to say goodbye so we made one last trip to Starbucks and said our farewells before Ellen got back on the road. Thanks for coming to visit us me and come back SOON!!!

unnamed (9)