A Little Vacation

I had a much-needed week-long vacation last week. Saturday morning Connor and I loaded up and headed for Arkansas to visit family and friends. He was SO good in the car! We only stopped once for a potty break and then the rest of the time he watched movies on the IPad. The next day we celebrated mother’s day at my Mom & Dad’s house. It was a crazy feeling to not have a computer all week, but sort of nice too 🙂

Here are the boys…they sure are growing up fast! Jarrett + Connor = BFF
Connor & I on Mother’s Day
Thursday my Mom took off work and we got mani/pedis. I haven’t had one of those in FOREVER! It was so nice & good to spend some one on one time with my Mommy. My friend Sara and I also went out to dinner one night and saw “Moms Night Out”. It was SO good! I highly recommend it! I was laughing so hard I cried.

On Friday we headed out to the farm to see Nannie and attend my cousin Lindsey’s graduation party. I can’t believe my little flower girl is graduating high school….oh how time flies!
Connor LOVES the farm and playing with Nannie’s new cat Bella.D7K_9134 D7K_9138 D7K_9140 D7K_9141 D7K_9161 D7K_9162 D7K_9163 D7K_9168 D7K_9170 D7K_9172 D7K_9181 D7K_9191 D7K_9199 D7K_9205 D7K_9213 D7K_9226
I think all the photos do most of the talking…but isn’t the farm just a beautiful place! Next time we go those two above will be getting married next month!

Now it’s back to the daily grind…I’ve got a serious case of the Mondays. Why is it always so hard to come back to work after you’ve been gone more than a couple of days!

Hope you are all doing well…..

xo Becky



3 thoughts on “A Little Vacation

  1. I always have Monday blues! 😉 That’s why they invited Starbucks, right 😛 The farm looks like a peaceful place!

  2. looks like a great time!! i remember you blogging your cousin when she was a lot smaller..wow..lol…congrats to her!! and the boys are getting so big!! omg..T-A loves cats..but she is so very allergic 🙁

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