This week has been a doozy!  The weather’s getting warmer and I’m trying to enjoy it before I start getting a sunburn from being outside for 5 minutes & pit stains.  That’s Texas for ya!

I’m really enjoying doing photo shoots on the weekends.  If you are interested in a Mother’s Day “Mommy and Me” email me at

1.  I’m kinda obsessed with everything from Click & Blossom right now.  If you have a photographer in your family or a friend who is one then you must check out this site!



2. Connor’s been having a hard time adjusting to his new school. He’s been getting in trouble and not listening….so we decided to start a sticker chart.  It helps us work with the teachers to implement good behavior and Connor can associate what he is doing with the color of sticker he gets for that day.

  • If he gets a green sticker: he gets to watch a movie that night.
  • If he gets a yellow sticker: he goes to his room until his Daddy gets home, eats dinner, then gets to read a book before bed.
  • If he gets a red sticker: he has to go to his room, eat, then stay in his room for the rest of the night.  We talk about his day and how he can work on being better and listening in the classroom.IMG_20140430_135228


I’m proud to report yesterday we had a GREEN sticker day!!!

3. Big shout out to Jessica at Diamond Doll Designs for my new fab header.  If you need any kind of graphic design or blog design work she’s your gal.  Contact her HERE.


4.    Summer time is officially here.  We had a really fun BBQ last Friday that my work sponsored.  This is my co-worker Carolyn’s son and Connor. Connor just loves her boys! We had to literally pry him off that bounce house slide. Bubbles….we’ve been doing bubbles a lot lately too 🙂D7K_7871D7K_7880D7K_8180

5.  Now that fresh herbs are in season I’m enjoying making my favorite: Margarita pizza!!!!





2 thoughts on “FIVE on FRIDAY

  1. GO CONNOR, GO! It’s amazing what some kids will do for stickers, I’m glad that project is working out …. for everyone. Bless his little heart, I hope more green stickers and movie nights are in his future. What are your plans for the summer, or does he go to school year-round? I’d implement the sticker project at home too, but that’s just me. I will say from experience as a middle school teacher, it is AMAZING to have parent support, no matter the age of the child. I’ve had some real “doozie” of students in my short career, but it was a million-trillion times better when I had the parent’s support at home too. Even the student was happier knowing there was a consistent expectation for him/her. (getting off my soap box now)

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