Finish This Linkup: Week 18

1.  I feel an adrenaline rush when …  I drink coffee?  Does that count?  No, I guess when I do something that makes someone extremely happy I get so excited about it.  I am a people pleaser at heart and I love to give and make people happy 🙂IMAG0350-650x975


2.  I feel energized when … I DRINK COFFEE???!!!???  That sounds repetitive doesn’t it.  Or, on the rare occasion I exercise ha ha!

3.  I feel small when … People talk down to me or act like I don’t know what I’m talking about.  If someone tells me I can’t do something that just makes me work harder to GET IT GIRL!

4.  I feel big when … I eat an entire carton of Ben & Jerry’s the night before.  Uhm….or I guess I feel big when I can do something that only adults can do 🙂  Like my mother always said “When you grow up you can tell me how to drive!”

5.  I feel indestructible when … I don’t think there is ever a time I feel completely indestructible.  If my confidence level is up then that’s good.  I’ve talked about my struggle with anxiety and depression on this blog before….so I have a lot of hang ups.  But I love life and try to do the best I can.  Lord knows I can’t cook.  If I cook a nice meal I feel good & sometimes shock myself!

6.  I feel stupid when … I do something that is SO obvious!  Which happens quite a bit actually….the older I get I ask myself “Really, Becky why in the world did you do that?”  I have the best intentions, but sometimes my mind just wanders away from me.

7.  I feel smart when … I can teach someone something they don’t know.  That’s awesome.  I love the feeling of showing someone something new and making their life easier.  Especially when it’s life changing and can really effect someone’s life.

Connor took this picture of me yesterday when we got home…he’s been wanting to take photos.  Truth: I look ragged when I get home and immediately take off my work clothes, bra, and hop into my jammies!  BEST TIME OF DAY EVER!


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6 thoughts on “Finish This Linkup: Week 18

  1. Oh my dear first of all you are stunning! I love both pics of you 🙂 And absolutely coffee can be your adrenaline rush! So cute that you feel big when you can do things only adults can do.. I wonder so often, when did I grow up and become an adult?!

  2. All I have to say is coffee!! I am with you on that. I need my fix or I am not a happy camper haha! I mean c’mon its an insta energy booster! But seriously though I feel the same way about making people happy. I love seeing others smile!

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