Weekend Wrap Up

This post is going to be full of randomness….just warning you!
I finally found a “fine point” metallic pen set. It works pretty good too. I wish Sharpie would come out with the markers in metallic fine point pens.

These scissors are amazing. They are Martha Stewart brand and great for shredding things like bows, tassels, and ribbons.

My good friend Kristin came to Texas to visit this weekend. It’s always so nice seeing her and catching up on old times. I get homesick a lot, so it’s always nice to see a friendly face!

I took her to one of my favorite stores, The Brownstone in Arlington. It has a little bit of everything. While there I spotted this letter “C” in a circus theme. It would be so cute for Connor circus party coming up! People are so darn crafty these days!

I also found the secret to Betty White’s happiness. The dammit doll. I thought these were hilarious!

This LOVE sign made out of old wood was super cute too… 20140308_120350

I also discovered these ChewBeads. They would have been great when Connor was teething. You almost have to feel them to believe me, but this is a genius idea.


We took Connor to the lake, fed the ducks, and did some grocery shopping. Fun fun weekend things you have to do but don’t want to like laundry and such.


And last, but not least…Kristin and I in our masquerade masks. I’ve always wanted to go to a ball. We saw these in the shop and had to take a picture 🙂20140308_110053



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  1. Mrs. Jones says:

    Looks like a fab weekend! 🙂 I’m about to enjoy this one for sure!
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