Finish This Link Up: Week 11

This link-up is hosted by NICOLE (Three 31) LISA (COASTLINED), JEN (The Arizona Russums) & ME!

I’ve had so much fun linking up every week for “Finish This”  A lot of times I’m struggling with what to write and this is just a nice refresher.  It’s also a good get to know you blog post for whoever wants to participate 🙂

(Although I read most blogs on break at work & I’m unable to comment because of BLOCKED reasons…..sigh)  Just know I hear you sisters!

1. When I need help with life’s mysteries, I turn to JESUS!  I have no idea why things happen or when, all I know is the Lord is in control and in the end that is all that matters.  I also talk to my hubs, my parents, and family and friends for advice.

2. My next challenge is figuring out Where we are going to move.  Now that my job has transferred a bit closer to where T works we are trying to find a larger home in between our offices.  We always knew this house wouldn’t be our “forever” home.  The housing market is crazy right now and it is stressing me OUT!  Also….always on the back burner….if we’ll have another baby some day.  I’m so torn.  When is it going to be the right time ( I know the answer is never) but we are planners and can’t even decide if we want one.  Will I regret the decision to have only one years from now?  Connor is the best thing we’ve ever done.  He’s at such a fun age.  Frankly, the thought of going through the newborn phase again scares the crap out of me.  Oh life you are full of decisions aren’t you!IMG_20140315_144619

3. I shake things up Uhm….I’m not a very shaky person.  I’m a planner.  But I guess every now and then I’ll just belt out a song or do something that surprises someone.  I love it when my husband is spontaneous….even though it rarely happens I love not knowing what’s planned for anniversaries, birthdays, and holiday.  A surprise is the best!

4. High heels are only for special occasions.  I wear flats pretty much every day.  I don’t like heels I know they look pretty, but my achy breaky feet hate them. They are gorgeous, but I choose comfort over style.

Speaking of heels I took a picture of these while we were in NYC.  Amazing huh?  Leave it to Louis Vuitton:




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