Finish This Link Up: Week 6

1. I celebrate Valentine’s Day by 
Well, I usually have to go to work.  Which, if you work you know how dreadful Valentine’s day is when the florists come into your workplace constantly and the delivery is always for someone else.  It’s all just a big show.  I spend the evening with my boys and we exchange cards and if I’m lucky I don’t have to cook and there’s chocolate involved 🙂
2. My heart goes pitter-patter for  
Besides coffee & chocolate?  My husband and my son…they are my everything.

3. When looking for romance, my best advice is

 Don’t look.  Love will find you when you aren’t looking for it.  God has the perfect time and place for everything.

4. My favorite love story (real or fiction) is  
I loved the Twilight series….I know I know.  Not thrilled about the movies though.  You can read a little bit about Terence and I and our love story HERE.  I have yet to finish it.  I also liked the Pioneer Woman’s love story.

5.The best relationship/love/dating advice I ever received  

Don’t ever give up on the one you love.  So many people are in love with being in love.  At the end of the day that fades and you have a foundation.  You will get through the valleys even though they seem so deep sometimes.  Climbing this mountain of life together is so rewarding and at the end of the day you always have your best friend.  STICK TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT.

A little throwback to our engagement almost 13 years ago….GULP!  Nobody I’d rather have for my Valentine 🙂



5 thoughts on “Finish This Link Up: Week 6

  1. Adorable picture!!! And I agree with your advise. Hubbins and I have been through some serious things but we are coming out of those valleys now and boy is the view beautiful.
    Holly recently posted…Finish thisMy Profile

  2. LOVE THE THROWBACK PICTURE!!!!! I completely agree about Valentine’s Day at work or even school. I used to get my feelings hurt SO BAD because nothing showed up for me but, in hindsight, it didn’t matter a hill of beans anyway. I don’t want flowers that’ll die in a week (and cost an arm and a leg) and I can’t eat chocolate because of my milk allergy. I have my valentines now, they are Husband and Kamden!!!!
    Nicole Hutchison recently posted…Finish This #6My Profile

  3. Great advice JM!

    We are celebrating our Valentines in a unique way this year. He will take our 9 year old daughter and I will take our 11 year old son out to a nice dinner. We’ll all then meet up as a Family to celebrate with some ice cream. This will allow us to have that one on one time with our kids and hopefully convey to them they are so important and loved.

    Happy Valentines Day!

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