Friday Five: Link Up

1. We got some Papa Murphy’s Pizza this past week to take home. It’s so easy and good for a working Mama like me!  It’s fresh and delicious.  You just pop it in the oven and viola!

papa murphy

Pepperoni & Spinach, feta, and sundried tomato:
D7K_5088 D7K_5086
After they were baked:

2.  My sweet friends at Seattle’s Best Coffee sent me a coffee care package.  I love those peeps they are so nice 🙂IMG_20140226_212018

3.  I found these gorgeous chairs on Craigslist.  I want them for photography shoots SO BAD!  She’s not willing to split them up though.  I anyone in DFW wants to go halfsies with me on these chairs let me know!

00000_dGqAbUhpC3W_600x450 00k0k_9QXfxcjMRf_600x450

4.  Our #selfieaday HAPPY FRIDAY post!IMG_20140228_092632
5. I love this….amen and amen.  Happy weekend y’all!zu8128053_main_tm1392862266

Finish This Link Up: Week 8


1.  That Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  That is what’s true, it’s what’s I know, it’s what I believe with all my heart

2.  Life isn’t fair.  Growing up a twin you realize that really fast.  Of course there will always be competition (especially if you are a twin).  Don’t compare yourself to others or you’ll always be miserable.  Live life for you, for your family, and let God’s glory shine through your life.  You never know who you will impact from day-to-day.  One reason I love the blogging community!

3.  I know my husband is my best friend.  We have a foundation built on Christ.  If we didn’t have that I don’t think we’d still be together.  Marriage is HARD y’all and it takes work.  We fight and whine at each other, but at the end of the day when we are old and gray I know I want him sitting in the recliner right next to me.  He’s a “know it all” so we should never lack in conversation 🙂  ha ha!  I love him despite all his flaws and I know he loves me.  Loyalty and trust are priority.

4.  I’m totally in a conundrum about the whole “having another child” issue.  My door isn’t closed yet.  I’m no spring chicken.  My fear is I will look back on my life 10 years from now and wish we’d had more kids.  I love Connor with all my heart and so does T.  There is a lot of fear there with how we will manage if we did have another child.  It’s hard to let go of your anxiety and fear and let God take control.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue in particular???  Do you have one child?  Do you have 10?  Thoughts on lots of kids or if you just have one do you regret it now?

5.  This should be obvious….I’ll never stop drinking coffee.  I like all different kinds of coffee, all different flavors, and brands.  I just like COFFEE.  Period.