Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year to you!!!

This year I have no resolutions.  Every year I try to make them I set myself up for failure.  I don’t do well in a pressure cooker.  Instead I’m just going to put it all in God’s hands knowing that everything is exactly how it should be.  Sure, I need to make a lot of changes, but I also know I’m a child of God.  I sin.  My sin has already been forgiven.

Because of HIM I can face tomorrow.

May this new year be a blessing to each and every one of you!  I look forward to journaling and following everyone’s lives.  It’s amazing looking back at blogging over 7 years later & how everyone’s lives have changed.  It’s just the best thing ever.  I hope I don’t ever lose that…..the close connection.  It’s why I started this in the first place.  Even if you don’t blog anymore, at least we had the chance to cross paths and impact each other’s lives.  It’s been the greatest & I wish everyone all the best….may all your hopes & dreams be realized….if not this coming year….in the future.

My greatest blessing wishes you a Happy New Year too 🙂D7K_3463 D7K_3456 D7K_3466 D7K_3469

I’m a sucker for photos 🙂D7K_3471 Untitled-1



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