Five on Friday

1.  My little sweetheart.  I was going through the closet and found this glittery heart…..he kept peeking his head through so I had to take a photo! D7K_4176

2.  I love my Naked 2 Palette.  It’s the best eyeshadow I’ve ever purchased and I wear it every day….D7K_4154 But….obviously I use a few colors more than others.  Do they sell refills to this thing???D7K_4155

3.  I’ve really enjoyed doing the Stock Show in Fort Worth this year.  We’ve had the best weather I think we’ve ever had!  *knock on wood*  I found this old photo of Connor the first time we took him out there….he’s so TINY!!!  It just makes me realize how fast the years are flying by.  We are there every Saturday during the Stock Show from 11-1!ss2

4.  This is a typical “Connor look” he’s getting so funny these days…D7K_4108

5.  We had Uncle Royce come stay with us this week and Connor barely left his side.  He absolutely loved having him here.  They played soccer and football.  We are hoping to sign Connor up for soccer in the fall because that is ALL he wants to do these days….he just LOVES it!D7K_4181Happy Friday!!!

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How Do You #QuakerUp & Giveaway!

Last week a small group of moms, including me, got to be a part of an exciting video chat with celebrity Brooke Burke.  She was at Sundance Film Festival representing Quaker Oats & Human Energy Crisis live from the Quaker Good Energy Lodge.  The short video gives you a glimpse into the life of busy moms who do not want to miss a moment of what truly matters. With good energy, they are able to do what matters to them.

Talking to Brooke was a breeze.  She was so down to earth and we all got to ask questions.   She told us about her diet and exercise regimen.  She talked about how she stays healthy and energized & how she balances 4 kids and maintains a strong marriage all at the same time.  It was great hearing her thoughts on the energy crisis and we all got a little glimpse into her lifestyle.  Thank you Quaker Oats for inviting me in on this exciting opportunity!

 I’ve been loving my new “Quaker” hat


Here is a live shot of us all talking with Brooke


I’d love for you all to check out the Quaker Oats Short Film that was premiered at Sundance.

You can go watch the video HERE

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!  Quaker Oats has generously allowed me to give away (2) of these goody bags to a couple of readers of The Java Mama.

Included in this giveaway:
LandsEnd Canvas Tote
Portable phone/USB charger so you can “Quaker Up” at any time
Gloves for texting
Quaker Ski Hat
Hot thermos for your Quaker oatmeal
Quaker Oatmeal in two flavors
Granola, Quaker Bars, and Quaker Cookies

US Only

To Enter:
Leave a comment telling me how you re-charge your batteries every day?

Giveaway ends: Friday, February 7, 2014

Finish This Link Up…Week 4


1. I use my “green thumb” to … I don’t have a green thumb.  It’s pitch black.  Terence does all the landscaping at our house.  He’s great at it!  I do help pick out the flowers though 🙂

2. The secret to life is being content with what you have and appreciating it.  If you constantly compare yourself to others then you’ll never feel happy or at peace with your life.  Find your happy place and revel in it.  Thank God every day for what you have and remember there is always someone out there who will be better, smarter, richer than you…but there are also a whole lot more who have nothing.

3. I get my money’s worth by I shop for bargains.  Usually when I’m in a store I b-line straight for the clearance section.  My philosophy is “Everything goes on sale eventually….if it’s meant to be it will be there and ON SALE TOO!”

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, my level of organization is I’d say an 8-9.  I’m a major organization and clean freak.  I must have things “just so”.  Sometimes I drive my hubs nuts.  But I think after almost 13 years of marriage he appreciates my OCD tendencies.  ha ha!

5. A gentleman always Puts a lady first in everything he does.  Thinks of himself last, opens a car door, sends an occasion bouquet of flowers for no reason, writes a heart-felt letter.  I could go on and on….

6. Handwritten notes are  A lost art.  I love writing handwritten notes, but over time we’ve become so electronically driven with keyboards and texting.  I think a lot of folks are going to have carpletunnel in the future.  I always save the cards and notes I get from my family and friends.  They are so much fun to re-read years later and a treasure after your loved ones are gone. 

Have you all bought Valentine’s Day gifts?  I found something on Zulily today for Connor.  We’ve never taken him to Build a Bear.  They have a deal today for $15 for $30 at Build a Bear.

My co-worker told me she was thinking of taking her daughter there to get rid of her pacifier.  I thought that was such a cute idea!  If your child has a hard time ridding themselves of the paci then you go to Build A Bear and they stick the paci in the bear to get rid of it and it’s GONE!  It’s in the bear and whenever they need a paci they can love on the bear instead….

Check it out HEREaeyt