Texas Christmas (Not What I Imagined)

So, Connor is finally at the age where he understands Christmas and the joy and wonder are transparent in this little human being.  We had a great time in Arkansas, and we had more Christmas plans when we returned to Texas.  Unfortunately Connor got sick.  Like….really sick.  My sweet hubby stayed home with him on Thursday and Friday so I could get back to work.  Terence took him to the Doctor on Friday for an x-ray and breathing treatment.    He tested negative for the flu and strep.  I am not sure what he has, just that he’s congested and has a high fever.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like poo.  The sickness hits our household hard at least once a year…..geesh.  I called Connor’s school and his teacher told me almost every kid was absent.  So something has got to be going around right?  All of that said our Christmas plans were not as we’d imagined, but we were together as a family and that’s the most important thing.  Connor got a new bike and some toys, Terence got me a new digital tablet I’d been wanting, and my sweet in-laws brought us some yummy food since we couldn’t be with them.

So, it may have not been the Christmas I’d imagined….but it was a blessing to be together & celebrate Jesus birth.

My little sick guy.D7K_3310 Trying to get the hang of my new tablet 🙂

D7K_3286Connor trying to get better…now we are ALL trying to get better!


Prayers for HEALTH In 2014 appreciated!!!! xoxo Becky




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  1. Hope everyone is healthy soon. I got the after Christmas crud and it is not fun but I can’t imagine having a little one sick on Christmas.

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