Crafting Sparkly Ornaments

On the weekends I usually like to do a fun art project with Connor.  It’s our special time together, and I have always loved being creative.  So we decided to make some snowflake ornaments with Crayola Model Magic.  We just flattened out the model dough and then used a snowflake cookie cutter to make our ornaments.
D7K_2533 Then we let them dry for about 24 hours.  After that we added some sparkling gemstones and glitter glue to make them EXTRA sparkly 🙂D7K_2536 D7K_2547 D7K_2550 We also made a little bear that lives in the gingerbread house too.
D7K_2552 Connor drew me a picture of a snow village with the Crayola Slick Stick Crayons.  These crayons are amazing and glide super smooth on paper.  We always break crayons, so I’m loving these because they are hard to break.D7K_2555 D7K_2561That’s my creative boy!  Look at that snow village right???  The kid has mad skills.D7K_2575
Here are our magical creations!  Aren’t they so pretty!  I just poked a hole through the top and tied some string to them & hung on the tree.  D7K_2646 D7K_2647 D7K_2649
Here are some crafty ideas from Crayola:
·         Chanukah Menorah Centerpiece
·         3-D Winter Holiday Gift Tags
·         3-D Paper Shape Ornaments
·         Catch the Gingerbread Magnet!

For more inspirational ideas visit Crayola on Pinterest * Facebook * Twitter  & share your own Crayola holiday craft photos for potential inclusion on the Crayola “Holiday Crafts” Pinterest Board.

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18 thoughts on “Crafting Sparkly Ornaments

  1. oh my gosh!! I can think of tons of stuff to make..we would have so much fun!!! Those ornaments would be cute..maybe some hearts for Valentines day coming up before we know it!

  2. My daughter and I would have a blast with this kit! She is so creative, I think this would probably be her new favorite things. Not sure what we’d make just yet (definitely a mess;)

  3. Ooh, love Crayola crafting! Especially the Model Magic. In fact, I have a tub of it sitting right here next to my computer. 🙂 We’d love to use it to make some last-minute gifts from my daughter for aunts, uncles, and cousins.

  4. My kid just turn two and for the past year I have enjoyed making crafts with him and seeing how his creativity grows from one or two lines in a paper to a mixture of lines and shapes. I even gave him a big canvas and I have left him paint his own master piece which I love and everyone that comes and visits enjoys. If I were to win this awesome price I would continue to let my child play and create master pieces for his momma.

  5. Cool ornaments! I am not sure what I’d make, but my Godson & I would make some awesome crafts together! Thanks for the inspiration!


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