An Arkansas Christmas 2013

Last week Connor and I headed to Arkansas for an early Christmas with my Mom, Dad, sister, Nannie, and many family & friends.¬† Connor did great on the drive, he’s such a good little guy ūüôā

We are so blessed to have the most beautiful place on Earth (in my opinion) to spend Christmas at.¬† Nannie and Papa’s farm will always hold a special place in our hearts.¬† So many memories over my lifetime were spent there and I hope Connor has the same wonderful memories.

It’s hard living away from your family and friends, but that just makes the times you do get together extra special.¬† Bonnie and I went out to dinner one night with our good friends from highschool.¬† Mom, Bonnie, and I spent a few girls days together shopping.¬† Then we headed to the farm for Christmas celebrations¬†& Jarrett’s 4th birthday.

So, here are some pictures from the trip…there are lots…but I’d rather have too many than too little!

D7K_2837Twinkie love¬†D7K_2831Bonnie and her¬†FIANCE Vinny! Yay! Yes…that’s right Bonnie’s engaged!¬† I’m trying to get her back into blogging….we shall see!¬† Vinny gave her the most gorgeous ring.¬†¬†Very excited and pray that God¬†blesses this marriage.¬†D7K_28281471978_10152056999090860_890560911_n¬†D7K_2795 D7K_2788Bon and I taking pictures!¬†D7K_2781Ready to open presents!¬†D7K_2800 D7K_2810The boys and Nannie Sue

D7K_2814-950x629Look at those presents!D7K_2834 D7K_2848 D7K_2851 D7K_2841 D7K_2895My Mom & Dad

These two love birds just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary! D7K_2885 D7K_2898Opening stockings the next morning D7K_2906 D7K_2777 D7K_2776 D7K_2772 D7K_2769 D7K_2768 D7K_2757 D7K_2751 D7K_2746Nannie & her boys at the Christmas tree in downtown Conway D7K_2742 D7K_2737 D7K_2727 D7K_2691 D7K_2686MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

We’ve had a bout of sickness in our house.¬† Yesterday we were stuck in the house all day and Connor didn’t even want to open his presents¬†poor little guy.¬† He’s been running a high fever and feeling awful.¬† I’ll recap on all that later….Hope you all had the best Christmas!!!¬† xoxo Becky



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