Love & Sacrifice


For the last few weeks I’ve been telling you all about Folgers’ The Best Part online community.  It’s a place dedicated to brightening your every day.  The Best Part posts inspirational stories, encouraging quotes, & good news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and encourages fans and followers to share that optimism with their family & friends. Because when optimism is shared, it grows, making an even more positive impact on our world.

I got back today from a trip home to Arkansas.  I had the chance to visit with my grandma and talk to her about things going on in my life.  These moments are precious & there are definitely few of them now that I’m an adult.  So when I go home to visit I try to soak it all in.  I love taking photos, so I was super excited to take some senior pictures of my cousin, Lindsey.  I was talking to my Grandma about my love of photography and telling her a story of how I got my new camera.  A couple of years ago I was really really wanting a new camera but we couldn’t really afford it.  My husband had a really nice watch he got for graduation, and he sold it so that I could have my new camera.  I know there are times he probably regrets selling that watch, but that meant so much that he did that for me.  He loved that watch.  But he also knew how much I loved taking pictures.  It was the sweetest gesture, and I’ll never forget it.

So, I was telling my grandma about that story and she told me the story about the Magi.

On Christmas Eve, with only $1.87 in hand and desperate to find a gift for her husband, Jim, Della sells her long, beautiful hair for $20, and eventually finds a platinum fob chain for Jim’s watch for $21. She found the perfect gift at last and runs home and begins to prepare dinner, with 87 cents left. When Jim comes home, he looks at Della with a strange expression. Della then admits to Jim that she sold her hair to buy him his present. Jim then gives Della her present — an assortment of expensive hair combs, useless now that her hair is short. Della shows Jim the chain she bought for him, to which Jim says he sold his watch to get the money to buy her combs. Although Jim and Della are now left with gifts that neither one can use, they realize how far they are willing to go to show their love for each other, and how priceless their love really is.

I had never heard of that story until this past weekend, but apparently it’s been around for a long time.  It resonated with me after I’d told my grandma what Terence had done so I could get my new camera.   A timeless tale that came full circle into my own life.  Stories of love, hope, and giving.  That is what Folgers The Best Part is all about.  Sharing YOUR story so that it can resonate in someone else’s life and make a difference.

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2 thoughts on “Love & Sacrifice

  1. Hi Becky — Love your blog. Just wanted to let you know that “copywright” at the bottom of your pages is spelled wrong. Should be “copyright.” 🙂

    Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy reading it and relating to the mom of a 3 year old boy.

  2. I think I recognize that building in the background of your photo. If I’m not mistaken that’s LRAFB. Am I right? I finally get to catch up on your blog. For the longest time, your post would appear, then would quickly be replaced with just a smiley face on the screen. So weird.

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