Fun Weekend with Friends

It’s been a crazy busy week.  At work and at home.  Geesh….this is the time of year it doesn’t slow down I guess?  We have a cold front right now in Texas and I’m loving it.  We are taking full advantage of building fires in the evenings.  Connor loves to help build fires 🙂D7K_1281

This past weekend I went to a Christmas Etsy market with my good friend Sarah.  She brought along baby Ellie, whom I’ve been dying to see since the hospital.  She is just the cutest….like ever.  There were some really cute vendors there.  The market was located at the Shops at Park Lane and I’d never been there before.  It was outside basically along one main street.  There was an indoor area, and it was COLD!  I am hoping that as word catches on there will be more vendors and it will get bigger in the future.  Who would’nt love a HUGE Etsy paradise?

Cute little wooden ornaments

Wooden teethersD7K_1302

The marketD7K_1305

Lots of paper goods and custom artworkD7K_1306

This little snuggle bunny.  Baby Ellie.D7K_1308

1001 reasons I need a girl.  So she can wear this shawl.  D7K_1310

We also put up our Christmas tree and nativity.  Connor’s been playing with it every day.D7K_1316

The treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!D7K_1319

Sarah and I

Connor holding baby E.  Love this.1476192_787530191799_884045006_n

Thank you Sarah for inviting us to tag along!  You are such a good Mama and we love you!

xo Becky



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